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Gold & Silver Going BELOW $1,000 & $15 Respectively Say These Analysts (+3K Views)

“Told you so!” I’m sure that is what the analysts who have projected such a dramatic decline are sayinggold-correction with the recent major correction in the prices of gold and silver. Read why they have come to their conclusions in this catch-all article.

Post by Lorimer Wilson,  editor of and the FREE Market Intelligence Report newsletter (sample here).

1. Gold & Silver To Drop To $725 & $12 Respectively By Mid-2015!

Juan Eduardo Morales Veas ( suggests that both gold & silver will show renewed weakness to $725 & $12, respectively, by mid-2015 before jumping dramatically in price by the end of 2016/early 2017 – to $3,500 and $90 respectively. His anticipation of renewed weakness has been correct to date but will his specific projections hold true? Below are the specific details (with charts).

2. Nouriel Roubini: Gold to Be Gutted! Here’s Why

Roubini expects gold will fall below $1,000/oza point not seen since 2007. No time frame is given.

3.  Gold Going Down to $1,000 & Perhaps Even As Low As $850! Here’s Why

I see gold going lower and lower eventually breaking below the psychological figure of $1,000 and perhaps even testing the $850 level to break the back of gold bugs and get the CNBC cheerleaders to claim the gold bull dead.

4. Gold Going Even Lower Then Reversing By End of 2015 – Here’s Why

As a gold bull I want to believe that gold is going to start moving higher from here, but unfortunately I think the odds remain stacked against this, and that we will see further downside before the bull market resumes. I will first go through the reasons why I think this is the case and I will then discuss how to play this.

5. Gold to Plummet to $1,200 – $1,250 & Ultimately Drop to $1,000 – $1,100

A quick, painful and powerful correction is coming which will be much like the two-day massacre we witnessed just a couple of months ago. This time it’s on it’s way to an ultimate long-term target between $1,100 and $1,000/ozt. You can argue with me on this one until you pass out but that won’t change anything. Save your breath and prepare instead. Here’s how.

6. Gold Bugs: Look Out Below! Gold Could Drop to $1,000

Gold bugs: look out below! There are undoubtedly a lot of speculative purchases that may need to be unwound in coming years. I think gold could fall to $1000 or even less as it realigns with other commodity prices.

7. Harry Dent: $250 – $400 Gold Coming! Really??

I must take Harry Dent to task regarding his adamant call of $250-$400 gold…In my mind he is dangerously “DELUSIONAL” because following his advice will place you in grave danger. Here’s why.

8. Is Gold Too Pricey – OR – Is Oil Is Too Cheap?

There’s a relationship between gold and oil that’s worth understanding because each, being valued in U.S. dollars, putatively serves as a measure of inflation and, since both commodities have a common denominator, it’s easy to price one against the other. Ergo, the gold/oil ratio i.e. the price of gold expressed in barrels of crude, and the current gold/oil ratio begs the question: “Is gold getting pricey or is oil too cheap?

John LaForge, commodities strategist at Ned Davis Research has said that gold should drop about 40% lower than where it is currently trading down to $660 an ounce. I think LaForge is dead wrong and this article argues the reasons why the gold market has not yet peaked and why we are in a counter-trend correction within the long-term bull market.

11. Don’t Buy Gold Until Price Falls Below $1100! Here’s Why

An analysis of the ratio between the market capitalization of gold and the gross world product over the past 63 years suggests that the current price for gold has further to fall and that it would not be wise to begin buying gold until prices have fallen below at least $1100 – and not expect gold to appreciate beyond $2,000 any time soon. Here’s why.

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