Thursday , 9 December 2021


Gold Measurements: What Do the Terms “Karat” & “Troy” Ounce Actually Mean? (+57K Views)

You have no doubt read countless articles on the price of gold costing "x dollars per ounce", own a gold ring or some other piece of gold jewellery and/or wear or have bought/plan to buy a diamond ring but do you really understand exactly what you are buying? What's the difference between 1 troy ounce of gold and 1 (regular) ounce? What's the difference between 18 and 10 karat gold? What's the difference between a .75 and a 1.0 carat diamond? Let me explain. Words: 1102

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How Much Gold Is There In the World?

Virtually all the gold in the world that has been mined is still around in one form or another and the following infographic visualizes all the gold in the world that’s above ground and the identified reserves that we have yet to mine.

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