Thursday , 23 May 2024


The 6 Most Commonly Held Anti-Gold Beliefs That Don’t Hold Water

...Many in the investment community swear by the old myths about gold, but is there any truth in them? If investors examined the facts, they would find that the most commonly held anti-gold beliefs do not hold water and, once the general public realizes that these beliefs are not valid, the price of gold will be much higher.

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Look No Further! Here Are the Best Articles on Gold & Silver (+3K Views)

Hundreds of articles seem to be posted every day on why the prices of gold and silver are going north of $5,000 & $100 ozt. respectively, or conversely to below $1,000 and $15, respectively. Unfortunately most of what is written is self-serving and/or wishful thinking. Some is what I call nothing more than financial entertainment devoid of substance. Occasionally a thought provoking article is posted and when that happens is there with it. Below are some such articles that are currently in the vault.

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“What If” Scenarios For Gold In the Coming Years (+2K Views)

Those in control will not allow the gold price to reach $18,000 an ounce where the 18,000 DOW sits today, but the DOW could drop 90%, as it did in 1929, to 1800 and gold rise to $1,800 an ounce! Could one accept the very real possibility that the DOW will unhinge by 50%...and gold rise to $9,000 an ounce? Look at these historical DOW to GOLD ratios.

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Investors Should Choose Silver vs. Gold During Financial Crises – Here’s Why

The notion that gold is the premium SAFE HAVEN during times of financial crisis doesn’t hold true if we go by the actual data. When the world stood at the brink of a total economic and financial meltdown in 2008, investors overwhelmingly choose silver over gold, which means, when the next much more dire financial crisis appears, physical silver demand will more than likely totally overrun supply. Got Silver?

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Gold Likely to Jump Significantly When Next Stock Market Crash Occurs – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

There appears to be a precise inverse relationship between gold and the stock market during stock market crashes such as those in September 2001, September/October 2008, and July/August 2011 . Gold not only rallied, but it rose significantly. This could be very useful information if, as I expect, we see another stock market crash, possibly again in the September/October time period.

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