Tuesday , 15 June 2021

Stocks & ETFunds

GLD vs. PHYS: Which Is the Best Gold Trust & Why? (+16K Views)

Some investors might not be aware that SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) does not, in ordinary circumstances, allow for the redemption of physical gold while the Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS) has the unique property of allowing investors to trade in their shares for physical gold deliveries. This article takes a look at the performance, liquidity and purpose of each to determine which is best under which circumstances.

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Cannabis Central: The New Ancillary Pot Stocks Index Out-Performed Other Pot Stock Indices Last Week

Most commentators don't take into account the different marijuana sector categories which conveys a distorted picture of the health of the sector. The launch of the munKNEE Ancillary Pot Stocks Index corrects the situation by tracking the performance of 16 companies that provide goods and services to cannabis operators separately and acting as a complement to its Pure-Play American MSO Pot Stocks Index and Pure-Play Canadian LP Pot Stocks Index. 

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Canbud: A Triple Threat In Marijuana, Psychedelics and Plant Based Sectors?

In the space of six months since its public listing Canbud Distribution Corporation (CSE: CBDX; FSE: CD0) has entered into 3 product categories, namely: unique cultivation of hemp for cannabinoids (CBD) production,  research and development of mushrooms for both psychedelic pharmaceuticals and non-psychedelic nutraceuticals, and the commercialization of plant-based food products.

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WTF: Stock Market Leverage Has Gone Nuts!

In the current craze where valuations don’t matter, where folks are chasing lottery-type returns, and where the government’s spending trillions of dollars in handouts and bailouts – there is a fly in the ointment - vast amounts of leverage, including stock market leverage.

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