Thursday , 23 September 2021

Stocks & ETFunds

Which Psychedelic Stock ETF Is Right for You?

AdvisorShares Psychedelics ETF (Ticker: PSIL) began trading on the NYSE Acra exchange on Thursday, September 16th as the first U.S.-listed actively managed ETF to deliver dedicated investment exposure to psychedelics. All 5 are compared to help you decide which ETF to invest in or which ETF or Index to follow for the latest activity in the fledgling sector. 

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GLD vs. PHYS: Which Is the Best Gold Trust & Why? (+16K Views)

Some investors might not be aware that SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) does not, in ordinary circumstances, allow for the redemption of physical gold while the Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS) has the unique property of allowing investors to trade in their shares for physical gold deliveries. This article takes a look at the performance, liquidity and purpose of each to determine which is best under which circumstances.

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Psychedelic Stocks: ALL You Need To Know Is Here!

This article identifies: (1) the 9 psychedelic substances undergoing extensive research for the treatment of mental health conditions, (2) those with the most therapeutic and commercial potential, and (3) the 12 companies that are most involved in such research.

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Pot & Psychedelic Stock Category Down 4% In July; Now +24% YTD

There are four pot- and psychedelic-related stock categories which I use to provide the clearest overview of the cannabis/psychedelic stock sector that is available anywhere. Below is a comparison of how each sub-category has performed last week, during the month of July, and YTD and the stocks that moved +/-5% last week.

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