Thursday , 13 June 2024

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How Does Precious Metals “Streaming” Work? Here’s How

We've all heard of big companies like Silver Wheaton, Royal Gold, and Franco-Nevada employing the concept of "streaming" but how does it work, exactly? Today's infographic explains the precious metals streaming model, and the arbitrage opportunity that creates value for both the streamer and the miner seeking to acquire capital.

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5 Gold Juniors Trading at Big Discounts to Their Gold Ounces in the Ground

A popular valuation multiple within the resource industry is to take a company’s market cap and divide it by its gold equivalent ounces in the ground. This ratio gives an indication as to how pricey one company’s gold is in comparison to another's. As a reference, Barrick Gold (TSE:ABX) trades a 145 times its gold equivalent ounces in the ground, while Goldcorp (TSE:G) trades at 181x. That being said, the 5 low indebted gold stocks on our list today are trading below 55x.

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These 4 Gold Mining Companies Could Double In Price

From a trading perspective, gold appears to be a buy but, unfortunately…the price of the metal moves up or down suddenly, seemingly for no reason other than a reaction to breaking news…To minimize the risk of a downside surprise in gold…[we have identified]  four gold stocks that offer long-term investors a degree of safety, and the chance to participate in …

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Best Options For Investing In Gold

I have created a model that will predict the price of gold for a year from now and the results suggest that there will not be much of an increase. As such, the best way to play this sector is to find companies with solid financials, a history of turning a profit margin even during tough times and outperform the gold index over a long period of time. These are the ones to consider.

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