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The 4 Silver Juniors With the Best Free Cash Flow Figures

The 4 mining stocks on our list today have exposure to silver. In addition, they have the best free cash flow figures compared to their competitors during the last 12 months.

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1. Great Panther Silver Ltd (TSE:GPR) – $1.91 – Mining Support Services & Equipment

Great Panther Silver Limited (Great Panther) is a silver mining, and precious metals producer and exploration company. The Company holds interests in the Topia Mine and the Guanajuato Mine Complex (GMC). The Topia operations produce silver, gold, lead and zinc. The GMC operation includes Guanajuato Mine, Cata processing plant and the San Ignacio Mine, and produces silver and gold.

  • Market Cap: 317,019,345
  • Revenues: 77,970,000
  • Operating Income: – 2,401,000
  • FCF (LTM): 1,251,000

2. HudBay Minerals Inc. (TSE:HBM) – $6.22 – Diversified Mining

HudBay Minerals Inc. is a Canada-based mining company engaged in the production of copper concentrate, consisting of copper, gold and silver, as well as zinc metal. The Company is focused on the discovery, production and marketing of base and precious metals. Through its subsidiaries, the Company owns approximately four polymetallic mines, four ore concentrators and a zinc production facility in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan (Canada) and Cusco (Peru), and a copper project in Arizona (the United States). The Company owns Constancia mine, an open pit copper mine in Peru. It owns 777 mine, an underground copper, zinc, gold and silver mine in Flin Flon, Manitoba.

  • Market Cap: 1,463,141,099
  • Revenues: 1,474,025,632
  • Operating Income: – 348,877,849
  • FCF (LTM): 73,406,851

3. Mandalay Resources Corp. (TSE:MND) – $1.16- Diversified Mining

Mandalay Resources Corporation is a Canada-based mining company engaged in the business of exploration, development and mining of natural resource properties. It holds interest in properties, such as Costerfield, Australia; Cerro Bayo, Chile, and Bjorkdal, Sweden. In addition, the Company owns and develops Challacollo, which is a silver-gold project located in Region I (Tarapaca) of Chile, approximately 130 kilometers southeast of the port city of Iquique. Its Cerro Bayo is a producer of silver (Ag) and gold (Au), located in the Cerro Bayo district, Region XI, Chile. Its Bjorkdal project is a gold mine located in northern Sweden. Its Costerfield is a gold-antimony mine, located approximately 100 kilometers northwest of Melbourne, Victoria.

  • Market Cap: 215,285,203.21
  • Revenues: 318,798,393
  • Operating Income: 13,200,000
  • FCF (LTM): 8,562,115

4. Silvercorp Metals Inc. (TSE:SVM) – $4.19 – Non-Gold Precious Metals & Minerals

Silvercorp Metals Inc. (Silvercorp) is a silver-producing Canadian mining company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, and mining of silver-related mineral properties in China. The Company is the primary silver producer in China through the operation of over four silver-lead-zinc mines in the Ying Mining District in Henan Province, China, including SGX, HZG, TLP, Haopinggou (HPG) and the LM mines. The Company also has commercial production at its Gaocheng (GC) silver-lead-zinc project in Guangdong Province.

  • Market Cap: 114,570,744.63
  • Revenues: 147,313,425
  • Operating Income: 22,856,439
  • FCF (LTM): 3,576,054

Disclosure: The above article has been edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) by the editorial team at (Your Key to Making Money!) to provide a fast and easy read.
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