Thursday , 19 May 2022

Lorimer Wilson

Bear Markets: 8 Facts You Need To Know

There are few things scarier than a bear market, but steep and sustained drawdowns in stocks are an absolute fact of investing a familiarity with the basics of bear markets should help you better cope with the next one and, to that end, we've compiled the following eight facts you must know about bear markets.

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6 Features To Look For When Choosing A Crypto Trading Platform

There are various exchange platforms for crypto, but not every platform is suited for every type of user. Each platform has its features, intricacies, fees, and other regulations. Moreover, crypto exchange platforms do not offer every cryptocurrency. By choosing a reputed cryptocurrency, you do not just get to buy crypto, but also a secure online wallet to store your currencies. Here are 6 features you must look for when choosing the best crypto platform.

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High-Grade Collectible Toys Make Great Alternative Investments!

Collectible toys share the same characteristics as some of the most investable assets, like art and fine wine. They're scarce; price is dependent on condition; they're sought-after, and unlike some other investments, they invoke powerful memories of our childhood. Let's explore. 👇There's a reason we're so bullish on this stuff! Words: 1072

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Universal Basic Income: Common Myths Debunked

One of the proposed solutions to the unprecedented economic crisis that has gripped most of the globe in the last 2 years is a universal guaranteed basic income program - a “minimum living stipend” in which a person need not necessarily be unemployed to receive the benefit. There are those that say that such a program would be an unfair, complicated, and costly way to eliminate poverty but we challenge those assertions. 

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