Thursday , 19 May 2022


High-Grade Collectible Toys Make Great Alternative Investments!

Collectible toys share the same characteristics as some of the most investable assets, like art and fine wine. They're scarce; price is dependent on condition; they're sought-after, and unlike some other investments, they invoke powerful memories of our childhood. Let's explore. 👇There's a reason we're so bullish on this stuff! Words: 1072

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China Is the #1 Generator Of Coal-fired Electricity; USA Is #3

In 2021, coal-fired electricity generation increased by 9% reaching all-time highs globally, showing that eliminating coal from the energy mix will not be a simple task despite 40 nations agreeing at the COP26 conference last year to phase coal out of their energy mixes. This infographic shows the aggressive phase-out of coal power that would be required in order to reach net zero goals by 2050.

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Wind Power Generation By U.S. State – How Is Your State Doing?

Wind power is the most productive renewable energy source in the U.S., generating nearly half of America’s renewable energy and today's infographic shows how much wind electricity different U.S. states generate, and breaks down wind’s share of total electricity generation in top wind power producing states.

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Cannabis Company Analyses and Commentary

Acreage: Acreage Holdings Q4 Financial Results Show Dramatic Increase In Net Loss Ascend Wellness: Ascend Wellness Q4 Metrics Down Across The Board Ascend Wellness: New York Is Only A Bonus Aurora:  Aurora Cannabis Stock Advances Despite Poor Q3 Financial Results Aurora Cannabis Will Eventually Go Down As The Biggest Cannabis Blunder In History Aurora Cannabis CEO ‘Absolutely Confident’ Company Will …

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