Monday , 5 December 2022


Physical Gold vs. Gold Stocks: Which Perform Best In A Recession? (+28K Views)

IF the bull market in stocks and bonds is to end, the implications will be dire because, historically, the Fed has always intervened to prop the market by lowering interest rates. Fed moves impact the broader market equities and impact resource equities alike so let’s take a look at the effect of a general market correction on our resource portfolio.

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Extent of Management ‘Skin in the Game’ & ‘Smart Money’ Involvement In Junior Miners Is CRUCIAL! Here’s Why (+3K Views)

How much capital has the management team taken out of their pockets and put directly into the company? What amount of shares of a company are owned by funds or big financial institutions. The extent of such 'skin in the game' and 'smart money' involvement is crucial in deciding whether or not to invest in a particular company. Here's why.

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Commodities Are Practically Bulletproof Investments Going Forward

The markets have heard Powell’s message of higher interest rates, and the damage they could cause the greater economy, loud and clear. The S&P 500 has slid 8.4% over the past month (as of the close of trading Wednesday), and the 2-year Treasury yield recently hit its highest level since 2007...How bad could it get? Ho can an investor survive the coming storm? [Read on!]

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Cannabis Company Analyses and Commentary

This article addresses the financial situation of the companies in the MSO category and it is a must read. Life Expectancy Declining At Some MSO Companies Also make sure you read Only One Cannabis MSO Is Financially Stable And With Financially Efficient Operations before investing in any MSO. Acreage: Acreage Holdings’ Q2 Financial Report Shows Marked Improvement Ascend Wellness: Ascend …

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The P/E Ratio: Its Strengths and Limitations (+41K Views)

When it comes to valuing stocks, the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is the number one metric for investors that want an instant fix on what the market thinks of a company. [That being said]...there are health warnings to heed if you don’t want to be left exposed by its limitations. [Let me explain.] Words: 1101

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