Monday , 5 December 2022


Stock Splits: What You Need To Know

Have you ever thought that the price of a stock was too high and then, the first thing you know, the stock price has dropped by 50%? In many instances, the reduction in the stock price occurs because of a stock split. Here’s all you need to know about such an activity. 

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Exposed! 5 Big Lies About Precious Metals Investing

Investors must often navigate through a barrage of fake news, myths, misinformation, and fraudulent pitches surrounding precious metals before arriving at the simple truth - you don’t buy bullion to get rich quick; you buy it to preserve wealth over time against the threats of currency depreciation and financial crisis. That’s precious metals investing in a nutshell but, if you listen to financial and monetary establishment mouthpieces, you’ll likely be misled. This article exposes the five big lies about precious metals investing and sets the record straight.

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The Investment Case For Gold

Gold represents the spirit of affluence but can gold still deliver wealth and prosperity to the modern investor? The answer is yes, absolutely! Gold can play a vital role in a robust, high-performing portfolio...[but] these results are not guaranteed. To bolster your wealth with gold, you need to understand how it functions as an asset.

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Operating Cash Flow: Which Cannabis Company Is Best – and Why?

Operating cash flow is currently the most important metric for cannabis companies – the basic indicator that a company is able to bring in more cash than it expends, and a precursor to net income – so this article compares the operating cash flow of the 8 largest cannabis companies by market capitalization with each other.

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Bear Markets: 8 Facts You Need To Know

There are few things scarier than a bear market, but steep and sustained drawdowns in stocks are an absolute fact of investing a familiarity with the basics of bear markets should help you better cope with the next one and, to that end, we've compiled the following eight facts you must know about bear markets.

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High-Grade Collectible Toys Make Great Alternative Investments!

Collectible toys share the same characteristics as some of the most investable assets, like art and fine wine. They're scarce; price is dependent on condition; they're sought-after, and unlike some other investments, they invoke powerful memories of our childhood. Let's explore. 👇There's a reason we're so bullish on this stuff! Words: 1072

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