Sunday , 21 April 2024

Asset Allocation

Bitcoin Likely To Oscillate From $57-$77,000 Throughout Spring and Early Summer

the daily chart is currently bearish, indicating the continuation of the correction or consolidation in the short term. However, new lows below USD 60,760 are not yet foreseeable.... A volatile back-and-forth between approximately USD 61,000 and USD 67,000 could be sufficient to build a base and to then generate a new contrarian buying signal within a few days.

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Bitcoin Significantly Outperforming Gold Assets

Whether the excitement surrounding Bitcoin is siphoning flows away from gold is unclear, but there does appear to be some disconnect between gold’s price action and investment levels. Historically, the gold price and holdings in gold-backed ETFs have traded in tandem, but starting in 2023, the two began to decouple,

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43 Bitcoin Forecasts: 97% Increase, On Average, By Year End

Image Source: Unsplash There’s a lot of speculation about how Bitcoin will perform moving forward and whether the market will have to wait until the next Bitcoin halving to see any kind of bullish momentum. We have done an exhaustive search of the internet and come up with over 40 forecasts of what  professional forecasting agencies and experts have to say …

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There’s Blood In the Streets! Here’s Why & What To Do About It

Rarely has there been a market where both stocks and bonds have fallen so hard at the same time and, if you’ve tried to hide in cash, well, inflation is crushing you too. From an investor standpoint, there is blood in the streets, and things can still get much worse, especially considering...

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If You’re Interested In Gold Stocks This Article is a MUST Read (+4K Views)

Historically, junior mining stocks tend to fluctuate between extreme boom and bust cycles and, given that we just completed a major bust cycle, the setup for a major rally in gold stocks is right in front of us. Those with the courage to buy low, and the discipline to sell during a frenzy, could quite possibly realize 10-bagger or even 100-bagger returns that could be worth a million dollars or more. Hold on to your hat!

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