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5 Of 7 AI Categories Went Up Slightly w/e May10th

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An original article by Lorimer Wilson, Founder and Managing Editor of – a site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds and your KEY to making money – which was first posted on under the title “5 Of 7 AI Categories Rose, Slightly, Over Past Week” with 1036 pageviews to date.

An Introduction

The 7 AI categories tracked by went up marginally (1.0%, on average) the second week of May after having gone down 0.4% the previous week. This article identifies how each category performed, in descending order, along with a description of what makes up each category, the stocks included in each category, those stocks in each category that went up or down by 5% or more during the week (click on stock symbol for details), and commentary on those stocks that made significant moves this week, where available.

  1. AI-enabled Personal Computer Category: UP 3.9% the second week of May
    • Description: A computing revolution is beginning as a result of the introduction of neural processing units in the latest chip designs which will result in a coming decade of growth in PC upgrades and innovation. This portfolio tracks the stock performances of the companies that have introduced, or plan to introduce, AI-enabled PCs in 2024.
    • 4 Constituents: DELLLNVGYMSI, and HPQ
      • UP 5% or more: None
      • DOWN 5% or more: None
  2. Custom Design EDA Software Category: UP 3.0% the second week of May
    • Description: The stock prices of electronic design automation (EDA) software companies creating custom designed chips is set to take off given a projected 11% CAGR in the category between now and 2028. This portfolio tracks the stock price changes of 3 companies in this category.
    •  3 Constituents:  ANSS, SNPS which is acquiring ANSS, and CDNS
      • UP 5% or more: None
      • DOWN 5% or more: None
  3. Semiconductor (Chip) Category: UP 2.3% the second week of May
  4. Quantum Computing Category: UP 1.3% the second week of May
  5. Cybersecurity Software Category: UP 0.06% the second week of May
  6. Cloud Computing SaaS Category: DOWN 0.07% the second week of May
    • Description: Given the dramatic 37.3% CAGR forecast of the AI market between now and 2030, the 18.5% surge in the amount being spent on cloud computing SaaS and the major annual rental rate increases of data centers (18.5% in 2023) expected in the future, should greatly benefit the data center industry.
    • 10 Constituents: INTU, SNOW, NOW, CRWD, ADBE, SHOP, WDAY, TEAM, CRM, and ADSK
      • UP 5% or more: None
      • DOWN 5% or more: SHOP (-20.8%)
    • Latest news, commentary and/or analysis:
  7. AI-Powered Drug Discovery Category: DOWN 3.8% the second week of May


The 57 constituents (54 when the 3 duplicates are removed) in the 7 categories above went UP 1.0%, on average, this week.

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