Saturday , 10 June 2023

Stock Indices

SMART Stocks Are The New FANG (+27K Views)

I believe the SMART stocks should be cornerstones of a portfolio exposed to the rising digital economy we live in. An economy driven by data, digital payments, targeted advertising, streaming and new social interaction at your fingertips.

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Markets are Mistakenly Pricing In A Recession For the US Economy

...Recessions are as much about psychology as they are about economics, because we can talk ourselves into one if we create enough anxiety and trepidation and market pundits are doing their best to accomplish this right now by conflating the carnage that is going on in financial markets with activity in the real economy. While economic activity is clearly slowing from the unsustainable stimulus-induced pace that followed the economic reopening, it is not contracting the way risk assets prices have so far this year. The market is not the economy. [Let me explain.]

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Bear Markets: 8 Facts You Need To Know

There are few things scarier than a bear market, but steep and sustained drawdowns in stocks are an absolute fact of investing a familiarity with the basics of bear markets should help you better cope with the next one and, to that end, we've compiled the following eight facts you must know about bear markets.

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