Sunday , 16 June 2024

Stock Indices

Bubble or Not Here’s How To Trade It

Whether you think the market is in a bubble or just forming a short-term top is mainly irrelevant but if you’re nearing retirement, or are a retiree, your investment horizon is shorter than that of much younger people it may be wise to consider the possibility.

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Can the Super Bowl Winner Predict How Stocks Will Do This Year?

Some investors believe... the outcome of the Super Bowl could determine which direction the stock market will head. The thesis behind the Super Bowl stock indicator is this: If an AFC team [this year its the Kansas City Chiefs] wins the Super Bowl, a stock market decline or bear market can be expected by year-end. Conversely, if an NFC team [this year its the San Francisco 49ers] wins, it’s all roses ahead.

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SMART Stocks Are The New FANG (+28K Views)

I believe the SMART stocks should be cornerstones of a portfolio exposed to the rising digital economy we live in. An economy driven by data, digital payments, targeted advertising, streaming and new social interaction at your fingertips.

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Bear Markets: 8 Facts You Need To Know

There are few things scarier than a bear market, but steep and sustained drawdowns in stocks are an absolute fact of investing a familiarity with the basics of bear markets should help you better cope with the next one and, to that end, we've compiled the following eight facts you must know about bear markets.

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Don’t Be Misled: MAJOR Differences Exist Between HUI, XAU & other PM Indices (+13K Views)

The number, market cap and currencies of the constituents of the HUI, XAU, GDX, XGD and CDNX indices differ considerably from each other and, as such, each index presents a different picture of what is really happening in the precious metals marketplace. This article analyzes the make-up of each index to reveal the biases of each to arrive at the answer to the question in the title. Words: 1026

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Present NYSE A/D Line Highs Has Historically & Consistently Preceded Stock Gains

For the first time in more than 90 days, the NYSE Cumulative Advance/Decline Line - A line that incorporates the breadth of all securities traded on the NYSE - is sitting at a record high and new highs in the NYSE A/D Line have consistently preceded stock gains since 1928. Over the next three months, there were no losses greater than -8.5% at any point for any signal. On average, drawdowns were limited to only -1.6%.

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