Wednesday , 21 February 2024

Personal Finance

Majority of NFL, MLB & NBA Players Go Bankrupt Within 5 Years! (+125K Views)

The average professional athlete in the U.S. will make more in one season than most of us earn in our entire lives yet, despite those staggering salaries, 78% of NFL players, 60% of NBA players and a very large percentage of MLB players file for bankruptcy within five years of retirement. Let's take a look at 5 possible reasons why the average athlete is destined to go (quickly) from fame to shame.

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Here Are 10-Steps To Achieve Your “American Dream.”

Anyone can succeed through hard work, dedication, determination, and sacrifice. It sounds hard - and it is - but those who achieve success aren’t whiners and don’t blame others for their failings because they DO SOMETHING about it. The difference between success and failure is the “will to keep going.” so here are 10 steps to achieve your American dream.

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These 10 Money Ideas Have the Power to Change Your Life (15K Views)

Personal finance isn't nuclear physics - just spend less than you earn, save and invest the rest - but knowing what should be done and actually doing it, however, are two different things. Here are 10 money lessons I wish I had known when I was 20 which have the power to change your life if you are willing to embrace them. Words: 1340

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