Tuesday , 21 March 2023

Personal Finance

How a Lawyer Can Help in Protecting Your Financial Asset

When it comes to protecting your financial assets, you need to have a team of professionals in your corner. This includes accountants, investment advisors, and, of course, lawyers. Here are just a few of the ways that a lawyer can help you with your finances.

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Getting Married? Then Seriously Consider a Prenup

Divorce is emotionally charged and often involves many issues beyond just the financial settlement...[so] establishing boundaries for divorce may help prevent greater financial and emotional pain later...[and] a confidentiality agreement in conjunction with a premarital agreement may help prevent ongoing public arguments, accusations or bickering....Should you think about getting one?

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Founding Fathers’ Financial Advice Stand the Test of Time

To help you in your personal finances, consider what 6 of the founders of the United States of America - Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, John Adams and George Washington had to say on the subject. They definitely stand the test of time.

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#$$4$ Symbol Decoded

You will notice that the symbols @$$4$, @$, @$$, @$$$ and @$$$$ are appearing in all the recent articles posted on munKNEE.com as hyperlinks. They are not being clicked on that often, however, so this article shows what would have been accessed had that been done.

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Would You Please Help Me Out

Every week I surf the net on your behalf looking for the 10 most informative articles written by the best commentators/analysts out there which I then edit and abridge before posting to provide you with a faster, and easier read.

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