Thursday , 13 June 2024

Personal Finance

How Does Your Credit Card Spending By Category Compare?

If you were fortunate enough to keep your job during the pandemic, you probably noticed a financial benefit: you spent less. Amid restrictions, credit card spending on fun activities—like going out for dinner—became less frequent. Looking ahead, the majority of Americans plan to continue at least one budget change post-pandemic, including eating out less (49%), buying fewer clothes and shoes (41%), and traveling less (37%). Of course, the first step in budgeting is tracking where your money is going. In the graphic below from Personal Capital, we break down Americans’ monthly credit card spending by category.

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WEALTH IF YOU WANT IT is an e-book that deals with how to improve your wealth, your financial independence and your quality of life.

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Wealth: Where Are YOU Headed? (Chapter 4)*

Few people formally plan much in their lives. Usually, that shows they don’t know where they are going. Living life without a plan is analogous to sitting in a drifting boat. You know the direction of the drift, but not the ultimate destination. Words: 1802

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Wealth: Requirements To Succeed (Chapter 3)

If you are unwilling to save, save some time by ignoring this book. Stop reading right here! Savings are an absolute prerequisite for wealth creation. Without savings, there can be no wealth. Read that sentence a few times. It is an immutable fact. Words: 800

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What Is Wealth? (Chapter 2)

Understanding the creation of wealth is easier than achieving it. Achieving it also requires commitment, behavioral change, and sacrifice. If you are interested in success, regardless of how you define it, take charge of your life. Planning is essential. Happiness, regardless of what that implies, requires commitment and planning. Do not depend on luck! Do not think that you may win the lottery. Words: 1362

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6 Ways To Choose the Right Financial Advisor For YOU

A financial advisor can realize enhanced returns for you over the years and make you feel more at ease about their finances, but only 29% of Americans work with a financial advisor. Research shows that an advisor-managed portfolio [outperforms a self-managed portfolio realizing an 8% annualized growth over a 25-year period, on average, compared to 5% from a self-managed portfolio. bBelow are 6 ways to go about choosing the right one for YOU!

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