Sunday , 21 April 2024

“W” Mint Mark U.S. Quarters Worth 100x Their Face Value (+62K Views)

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The United States Mint has randomly issued 5 new 25 cent coin designs…into circulation…[which could] each be worth 100x their face value if they are in average mint state condition…Here’s what to look for:

@$$4$Each of the five quarter designs feature the “W” mintmark of the famous West Point Mint, known as the “Fort Knox of Silver” because of its precious-metal vaults, and were distributed to banks and financial institutions through the Federal Reserve system, mixed in with their more common Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint counterparts. @Your Finances  The “W” mintmark, below “IN GOD WE TRUST”, shows that the 10 million West Point coins distributed (2 million of each) were struck at the West Point Mint.

1. Lowell National Historical Park quarter

Sites in and around the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, relating to the Industrial Revolution and its importance to the American textile industry, technology, social progress, planned communities, and the education and protection of workers.

2. Frank Church River of No Return National Wilderness quarter

The largest federally managed wilderness in the continental United States: Nearly 2.4 million acres including mountain ranges, canyons, thousands of miles of hiking trails, and six national forests.

3. American Memorial Park, Northern Mariana Islands quarter

A living memorial recognizing the sacrifices made in the Marianas Campaign of World War II.

4. War in the Pacific National Historical Park quarter

A park set aside to remember the battles that raged in the Pacific Theater of World War II, and the bravery and sacrifices of all who participated in those battles, Japanese as well as Allied.

5. San Antonio Missions National Historical Park quarter

Four of the five Spanish Catholic frontier missions (except for the Alamo) in San Antonio.

If the Guide Book went to press today, we would list the coins around $25 each in average Mint State condition, based on feedback from coin dealers around the country,” said Jeff Garrett, senior editor of the Guide Book of United States Coins

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  1. I have the same. Did you find a value for it?

  2. what is the average dose of cbd

  3. I guess I am very fortunate, I have 1 of each, it also helps to work/manage a self service car wash

  4. I came across a 2020 NATIONAL PARK AMERICAN SAMOA quarter with a W and a V75 above the word liberty and below the U in UNITED

  5. Keep them people! They will increase in value! Get them graded! Every one I have found (which I have all from 2019, and 2 from 2020 now) have come from feeding money into change machines at a car wash. Then I roll all that back up, go to the bank, cash it all back in and start over, you’re losing nothing! Go to the bank, if they have it, you lose nothing, it’s worth the chance! I’ve probably just been lucky, but it’s been amazing to find them.

    • I know this is an old post but that is a total dick move. Go get rolls from the bank instead of screwing up someone’s car wash business.

  6. I go a 2020 w for sale

  7. Found 2 Lowell quarters today 😁

  8. I found the War In The Pacific West Point Minted. What do I do with it?

  9. I just found the 2020 W weir farm quarter..and have no idea what to do with it

  10. Found the River of No Return Quarter!!!

  11. I have the w northern Mariana quarter and the w San Antonio missions quarter👍

  12. I have 2 different w quarters now

  13. I have a “war of the Pacific” w quarter . Found the coin two days ago. What do I do now?

  14. Just found my 1st W quarter today!

  15. So many views but 3 likes?? Come on guys give them some credit. Gave me a lot of insight thank you!

  16. I came across a W Lowell Quarter in my pocket change, then when I was in Korea, I found in my change at Hotel,
    a W San Antonio Quarter. They’ll pop
    Up in your change, be patient! Sending
    Them in to be Graded

  17. I have searched through 19 rolls of 2019 uncirculated quarters from a box obtained from a bank and 15 rolls from a second box. There were no w quarters from these searches. All I found were shiny San Antonio quarters. Is the mint very selective in adding w quarters? I used to think that in ten rolls you should find a least one w quarter.