Most Recent Articles       April 14, 2021
"The following articles have just been posted due to their exceptionally informative content and were edited, abridged and reformatted, where necessary, to provide you with a fast and easy read. Enjoy!"
Peter Schiff With Tucker Carlson: Inflation Is a Painful Tax
Peter Schiff recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show (see video below) to talk about inflation. Here is what he had to say:
Egon Von Greyerz - Absolute Mayhem is Coming
Bank transactions with wayward hedge funds, including Archegos Capital, is merely the latest warning sign of such banking mismanagement and increased risk ahead.
14 Analysts See Gold Going To $10,000/ozt and Beyond
65 analysts are now forecasting that the price of gold will increase dramatically this decade with 14 maintaining that $10,000/ozt and beyond is more than likely. One of them even claims that gold will reach $50,000/ozt. in 2025 and then spike to $87,500/ozt.! Below is a revised list of their names and stated rationale for each of their forecasts.
Bear-o-Meter says Risk is Neutral
Currently, the Bear-o-meter reads neutral at 4/8. That’s about as “right down the middle” as its gonna get! This suggests that conditions are normal. Its not time to back the truck up and buy high risk stocks, but its not time to start selling out of your positions either.
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