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$1,278 Gold Is Now Our Official Target - Until Proven Otherwise.
Precious metals investors should temper their expectations for higher prices, and take appropriate defensive action. Here's why.
Commodities Are Practically Bulletproof Investments Going Forward
The markets have heard Powell’s message of higher interest rates, and the damage they could cause the greater economy, loud and clear. The S&P 500 has slid 8.4% over the past month (as of the close of trading Wednesday), and the 2-year Treasury yield recently hit its highest level since 2007...How bad could it get? Ho can an investor survive the coming storm? [Read on!]
Q: What's Wrong With Gold? A: Absolutely Nothing!
The price of gold denominated in USD doesn't tell us anything about gold. Rather, it tells us what has happened, or is happening, with the U.S. dollar - nothing else - and that is reflected in the U.S. dollar price of gold... Lately the U.S. dollar has been quite strong.
There's Blood In the Streets! Here's Why & What To Do About It
Rarely has there been a market where both stocks and bonds have fallen so hard at the same time and, if you’ve tried to hide in cash, well, inflation is crushing you too. From an investor standpoint, there is blood in the streets, and things can still get much worse, especially considering...
The 25 Best Countries for Retirement: Canada Ranks #15; U.S. #18
The French investment bank, Natixis, ranks 44 countries using factors that affect financial security and material well-being, including unemployment and income inequality keeping score with its Natixis Investment Managers Global Retirement Index. This year the U.S. came in at #18, down one spot from last year and down from #16 the year before that. Canada came in at #15 this year down 5 spots from the previous year. Here are the reasons why.
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How a Lawyer Can Help in Protecting Your Financial Asset
Drop In Gold Price No Surprise - Here's the Inside Scoop (+4K Views)