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International Comparison of Retirement Ages
At what age does the average person retire in high-income countries? How long is the average period of retirement? The OECD collects this information. Here's a trimmed down table with a selection of countries.
A Comparison of Living Costs By City Worldwide
This article presents the Cost of Living Index by City Worldwide for 2023. These indices are historical and they are published periodically. It's a snapshot of the current indices at a specific point in time.
GLD vs. PHYS: Which Is the Best Gold Trust & Why? (+22K Views)
Some investors might not be aware that SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) does not, in ordinary circumstances, allow for the redemption of physical gold while the Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS) has the unique property of allowing investors to trade in their shares for physical gold deliveries. This article takes a look at the performance, liquidity and purpose of each to determine which is best under which circumstances.
The Pros & Cons of Buying Gold Bars vs. Ingots vs. Coins (32K Views)
It is now easier for you to convert your savings into gold than ever before and this article outlines the reason for buying physical gold and the advantages and disadvantages of buying gold bars, ingots and/or coins. Read on!
U.S. Dollar Will Collapse When This Event Happens (+122K Views)
If we want to better understand the answer to the elusive question of "When will the fiat U.S. dollar collapse?", we have to watch the petrodollar system and the factors affecting it.
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"W" Mint Mark U.S. Quarters Worth 100x Their Face Value (+51K Views)
The Case For $5,000 Silver - Yes, $5,000 Silver (+40K Views)