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Why Gold Stocks Out-Perform Gold Bullion In Bull Markets
This article compares the returns of gold stocks and gold bullion in bull markets and explains how gold stocks outperform thanks to profit expansion, and shows why there might be more upside for gold miners to come.
GDP per Capita by Country Worldwide
GDP per capita is one of the best measures of a country’s wealth as it provides an understanding of how each country’s citizens live on average, showing a representation of the quantity of goods and services created per person. This article identifies the GDP per capita (nominal) of nearly every country and territory in the world.
The Biggest Ponzi Schemes EVER

The World’s Biggest Private Tax Havens
When the world’s ultra-wealthy look for tax havens to shield income and wealth from their domestic governments, where do they turn? Here are the world’s top 20 tax havens, as ranked by the 2020 Financial Secrecy Index.
The State of Household Debt in America
Debt has risen on all fronts to unprecedented levels...and now accounts for $52 trillion in the USA of which American household indebtedness amounted to an average of $118,000 per household in 2020. That’s a big bill to pay. Here’s how the various forms of U.S. household debt compare...
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Long-Term Warrants: The "Secret" To Enhanced Returns