Monday , 4 March 2024


All About the Use Of AI In Cyber Security

AI is a perfect technology for cyber security because it enables cyber security companies to train their models with data from previous attacks to create autonomous systems that can detect if an attack is ongoing based on certain readings.

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All About The Involvement Of “The Magnificent 7” In AI

There are a number of stocks that are well-positioned to benefit from the rise in advancements and adoption of AI technologies and this article focuses on news about the 7 most prominent companies at the forefront in AI's development and the major supplier of chips that make such development possible.

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Move Over Nvidia! The Next Wave Is In Custom Designed AI Chips

There is a significant rise in demand for specialized AI applications, which necessitate the creation of tailored AI chips and this shift has brought Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software to the forefront. Let’s delve into what EDA software is, its projected market growth, and the companies that are likely to benefit from this industry evolution.

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