Monday , 5 December 2022

Asset Allocation


Gold’s value is not determined by world events, political turmoil, or industrial demand. The only thing that you need to know in order to understand and appreciate gold for what it is, is to know and understand what is happening to the U.S. dollar. Gold is priced in U.S. dollars and since the U.S. dollar is in a state of perpetual decline, the U.S. dollar price of gold will continue to rise over time.

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FAANG’s Ancillary “Partner” Stocks Have Outperformed YTD

Owning each of the 5 ancillary partner stocks discussed above would only cost $737.67, in total, today, compared to $7,476.69 for the FAANG stocks, allowing an investor to get the same exposure to the category for 90% less dollars and, as such, the ability to build a more diversified portfolio.

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