Wednesday , 4 August 2021

Asset Allocation

Get Informed: Greatest Wealth Transfer In History Coming

We are in the early stages of a great debt default - the largest in U.S. history - and we know roughly the size and scope of the coming default wave because we know the history of the U.S. corporate debt market. Rising default rates, rising interest rates on corporate debt, and falling stock prices don’t need to be a crisis for you, personally, however, if you become informed and strike when the time is right. Read on!

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Five Reasons to Consider Gold Now

My case for gold is based on asset allocation, with stocks making up the lion’s share of a growth portfolio with gold in a small minority position (maybe 5% to 10%) to balance a portfolio...Below are my 5 reasons to consider gold now.

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Do Aggressive High Yield Investments Belong In Your Retirement Portfolio?

When you are employed, you are working for your money. In retirement, you begin the stage in your life where your money must work, which changes the investing dynamic considerably - primarily as it relates to suitability. This article is offered to reveal and articulate the risks, dangers and advantages of reaching for yield.

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Smart Investors Will Seek Comfort In Gold – Here Are 7 Reasons Why

The Fed is beginning to wake up to the fact that there is no easy escape from its artificial zero interest rate policy. The Fed will not be able to move very far off of the zero-bound range before the yield curve inverts and the U.S., and indeed the entire global economy, melts down. This means real yields will become more negative, the U.S. dollar will lose more of its purchasing power and economic instability will intensify over time—the perfect fundamental backdrop for rising gold prices.

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Top Financial Advisors Recommend These Investments

In search of the best places to invest your money in the fourth quarter of 2015, I put together recommendations from a group of Barron's-ranked financial advisors [who are] deemed [to be] the top 1% in their industry. Here are their recommendations:

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