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How Well Gold-Mining Sector Performs During A General Equity Market Decline Depends On These Factors

…The gold-mining sector performs very well during the first 18-24 months of a generalgold-mining equity bear market as long as the average gold-mining stock is not ‘overbought’ and over-valued at the beginning of the bear market according to the historical record.

By Steve Saville (speculative-investor.com/tsi-blog.com). Originally posted* on Gold-Eagle.com under the title Gold Stocks During An Equity Bear Market.

[While the comments made in the introduction above are true the sample size mentioned unfortunately consists of] only two relevant cases.

1. The general equity bear market that began in January of 1973 and continued until late-1974. This bear market resulted in peak-to-trough losses of around 50% for the senior U..S stock indices.

The following chart comparison of the Barrons Gold Mining Index (BGMI) and the S&P500 Index shows that the gold-mining sector commenced a strong upward trend near the start of the general equity bear market. During the bear market’s first 20 months, the BGMI gained about 300%.

barrons gold morning index

2. The general equity bear market that began in September of 2000 and continued until early-2003. This bear market also resulted in peak-to-trough losses of around 50% for the senior U.S. stock indices.

The following chart comparison of the HUI and the NYSE Composite Index (NYA) shows that the gold-mining sector commenced a strong upward trend about 2.5 months after the start of the general equity bear market. Despite the fact that the HUI suffered a substantial percentage decline during this 2.5-month period, it still managed to gain about 200% over the course of the bear market’s first 20 months.

equity bear market

…The gold-mining sector:

  • performs very well during the first 18-24 months of a general equity bear market, as long as the average gold-mining stock is not ‘overbought’ and over-valued at the beginning of the bear market, and
  • [performs poorly during]…those times when the gold-mining sector has trended upward with the broad stock market during the 6-12 months prior to the start of the general equity bear market. Consequently, in the unlikely event that the current bull market in U.S. equities continues for another 6-12 months and gold-mining stocks [also] trend upward during that period, the gold-mining sector will then be vulnerable to the downward pull of a general equity decline.

Conclusion [Given the fact that] the gold-mining sector is currently a long way from being ‘overbought’ and over-valued (by some measures it was recently as ‘oversold’ as it ever gets) the historical cases cited above would therefore be relevant if a general equity bear market were to begin in the near future.

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*Original Source: http://www.gold-eagle.com/article/gold-stocks-during-equity-bear-market

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