Tuesday , 21 September 2021

Asset Allocation

The Lessons Learned from 2008 Will Maximize Returns and Protect Your Assets This Time Round (+2K Views)

My 3 favorite barometers for gauging investor sentiment in order to predict market outlook...are SPY as a proxy for U.S. stock markets...GLD as a proxy for commodities and TLT as a proxy for U.S. bonds, and when these 3 markets make big moves, it´s time to pay attention to what they´re saying. [Let's review] how these 3 markets reacted during the crisis of 2009-2009 and then compare them to current market conditions. [Doing so] can give you an edge to be better positioned for the rest of this year. Words: 972

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4 Reasons Europe is a Major Risk for U.S. Stocks

[While] it is true that the US economy is doing much better than Europe’s, and especially southern Europe’s, from my perspective, the trajectory of the U.S. economy and the U.S. stock market are very much tied to eurozone events. Here are four reasons why U.S. investors should not underestimate the potential impact of events in Europe. Words: 450

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Richard Russell: There's Something Eerie About What's Happening So I'm In Cash! Here's Why

So far, the decline in the market has been fairly orderly; no panic, no hysteria to get out - even the VIX has remained calm [but] I wonder how much longer the decline will continue to be orderly. Frankly, there's something eerie about what's happening and, to be honest, what's happening is almost beyond analysis. I have nothing to compare it with....I really have to go on my intuition and instinct at this point - and my instinct is to get in cash.

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Financial Advisors/Planners: These Articles are a MUST Read!

There are hundreds of articles posted every month with supposed insights into how best to manage one's money to generate the greatest return with the least amount of risk. Not many deliver the knowledge they claim to convey. Here are a few that do and should be of particular interest to all you investment advisors/planners out there.

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Bonds Are NOT a Safe Place to Be – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

For those who think bonds are a safe place to be, you might want to reconsider. In addition to rising sovereign risk (yes, for the U.S. as well as other countries), there is interest rate risk....[should you not] hold it to maturity. If interest rates rise, then the value of your bond falls (Bonds can produce capital gains/losses, just like stocks.) and the possibility of interest rates rising is pretty good. Words: 530

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