Wednesday , 29 June 2022


Is Flipping Online Businesses Still Profitable?

If you understand SEO, monetization, and great content, you can transform an average online business and increase its value above your original purchase price. Although it requires some experience and skill, the world of flipping websites has many incredible opportunities. The following tips will help you ensure you have a successful career in the website flipping industry:

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How to Save Money on Mortgage Fees and Closing Costs

Mortgages come with a bunch of fees above and beyond the sale price of the home. Many of these fees are for things like attorneys, title insurance, appraisals, and other processes that need to happen to get to close. You should definitely spend the time to negotiate on some of these fees and shop around where you can. You could save thousands.

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Should You Invest in a Delaware Statutory Trust?

A Delaware statutory trust is a type of business trust that allows investors to go in together to buy a piece of investment property. It can provide a true source of passive income, because investors don’t have to deal with maintaining the rental property, finding tenants, making repairs, and all that stuff that can make owning an investment property such …

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Here’s How to Store Your Precious Metals

If you want to protect your finances from economic instability or just need to shore up your investment portfolio with a time-honored hedge against inflation, buying precious metals could be for you. But you can’t just stuff your gold and silver bullion under your mattress. No, you need to store your precious metals safely, here are some options.

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