Sunday , 3 July 2022

28 Electric Car Models Now Available For Sale In the U.S.

America’s electric vehicle market has surged over the last decade, and it it is hoped that by 2030 the transition to EVs will make up 50% of all new cars sales in America. Today’s infographic from (by Omri Wallach and Carmen Ang), using data from Car and Driver and EPA, highlights every single EV that’s available for sale across America, showing the wide range of manufacturers, vehicle types, and prices.

As of February 2022, there were 28 different electric vehicles available in the U.S., from 18 different manufacturers. Here are their base model statistics:

Graphic showcasing all electric car models available in the U.S.

It’s important to note that, while America’s EV fleet grew at an annual rate of 28% between 2015 and 2020, China’s grew by 51%, and Europe increased by 41%, but with gas prices at all-time highs, and as consumers grow increasingly concerned over the carbon costs of gas vehicles, switching to an electric car may soon be too hard to resist.

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  1. Please remember that these are new models. There are also numerous used models available as well, and they will often suit those like me who cannot afford or choose not to purchase brand new but still want the advantages of electric transportation. Just like internal combustion models, buying used cars often avoids the high depreciation costs of brand-new vehicles in the first year or two of ownership.

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