Wednesday , 17 April 2024

Attn. Chinese Nationals: These Articles Are All About China

I notice that any article I post on my site regarding economic, financial and investing topics related to China get a lot of page views from Chinese readers suggesting that Chinese nationals are anxious to read what Western commentators have to say about their country. Here are some of those articles you might have missed.

1. Steel Production Shifted from China to Other Countries In 2021

Production of crude steel – ingots, semi-finished products (billets, blooms, slabs), and liquid steel for castings – soared globally, and spiked in the U.S., but fell in China for the first time in years, and China’s share of global crude steel production, after soaring for years..

2. China Is the #1 Generator Of Coal-fired Electricity; USA Is #3

In 2021, coal-fired electricity generation increased by 9% reaching all-time highs globally, showing that eliminating coal from the energy mix will not be a simple task despite 40 nations agreeing at the COP26 conference last year to phase coal out of their energy mixes. This infographic shows the aggressive phase-out of coal power that would be required in order to reach net zero goals by 2050.

3. 5 Myths About China’s Economy & Financial System

This article focuses on five myths about China’s economy and its financial system with my hope that offering more realistic assessments will help investors better judge the opportunities and risks of investing in China.


4. China’s Launch Of World’s First Government-backed Cryptocurrency (e-Yuan) Puts USD As World’s Reserve Currency At Risk

China has taken an unprecedented step towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and launched the world’s first government-backed cryptocurrency on November 2nd, 2021, and, if the digital yuan succeeds, and weakens the USD too much, the dollar’s status as global reserve currency could also be at stake.

5. The Idea That the Yuan Will Soon Replace the USD As the World’s Reserve Currency Is Ridiculous! Here’s Why (+2K Views)

The petroyuan has launched. Let’s investigate its success or lack thereof, primarily the latter.



6. E-mail from China: COVID Costing US$28B/week In Lost GDP!

My business partner is working in China and corresponds with me regularly as to what is happening there with the COVID-19 resurgence and the impact the country’s zero-COVID policy is having on its citizens and its economy.


7. Severe Slowdown In China’s Economy Caused By More Than COVID-19 Lockdowns

The reason for the weakening of the Chinese economy is much deeper than the COVID-19 lockdown. It is caused by the burst of the enormous real estate bubble and the crackdown on the private sector, which has led to a cut in investment growth.

8. A “China Crash” Is Coming: Here’s Why & How To Prepare Your Portfolio For It

China is heading toward an economic crash and its spiraling downward is affecting other economies around the world according to Crescat Capital’s Portfolio Manager Tavi Costa and Chief Investment Officer Kevin Smith. This article identifies the 8 metrics signaling the coming “China Crash” and how they have positioned its funds in preparation for the likely Chinese event.

9. China’s Fake Data Claims Its Exports & Imports Miraculously Spared Despite COVID-19

China’s data has always been whatever the government wants the world to think it is but the pandemic elevated China’s data to new and unprecedented levels of deep-fake status all around.


10. Ranking the Goods Most Traded Between the U.S. and China

The U.S. and China have typically had a long-standing trade relationship going back decades and the table below shows the top imports and exports between the U.S. and China.


11. Internet Censorship: Are Your Favorite Sites Being Blocked in China? Check it Out Here (+5K Views)

Many internet sites are censored (i.e. access is blocked) in mainland China and I have often wondered if was one of them let alone all those other much more provocative sites out there. If you are curious as to whether or not any of the sites you visit are, in fact, censored in mainland China then check out the following site where you can find out immediately.