Friday , 24 May 2024

Recap Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Category Returns w/e May 3rd


An original article by Lorimer Wilson, Founder and Managing Editor of a site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds and your KEY to making money – which was first posted on under the title “The 7 AI Categories Declined, On Average, The First Week Of May” with 1019 pageviews to date.

An Introduction

The 7 AI categories tracked by went down marginally (-0.4%, on average) the first week of May and this article identifies how each category performed along with a description of what makes up each category, the stocks included in each category, those stocks in each category that went up or down by 5% or more during the week (click on stock symbol for details), and commentary on those stocks that made significant moves this week, where available.

  1. AI-Powered Drug Discovery Category: UP 4.9% the first week of May
  2. AI-enabled Personal Computer Category: UP 1.5% the first week of May
      • Description: A computing revolution is beginning as a result of the introduction of neural processing units in the latest chip designs which will result in a coming decade of growth in PC upgrades and innovation. This portfolio tracks the stock performances of the companies that have introduced, or plan to introduce, AI-enabled PCs in 2024.
      • 4 Constituents: DELL, LNVGYMSI, and HPQ
        • UP 5% or more: None
        • DOWN 5% or more: None
  3. Quantum Computing Category: UP 0.8% the first week of May
  4. Cloud Computing SaaS Category: UP 0.3% the first week of May
    • Description: Given the dramatic 37.3% CAGR forecast of the AI market between now and 2030, the 18.5% surge in the amount being spent on cloud computing SaaS and the major annual rental rate increases of data centers (18.5% in 2023) expected in the future, should greatly benefit the data center industry.
    • 10 Constituents: INTU, SNOW, NOW, CRWD, ADBE, SHOP, WDAY, TEAM, CRM, and ADSK
      • UP 5% or more: None
      • DOWN 5% or more: None
  5. Semiconductor (Chip) Category: DOWN 0.6% the first week of May
    • Description:  The price of AI chip stocks surged by 64% in 2023 and many analysts think there is an excellent chance that the boom will continue in 2024 and this portfolio tracks the stock performances of the major players in this category.
      • UP 5% or more: ATEYY
      • DOWN 5% or more: None
    • Latest news, commentary and/or analysis: None
  6. Cybersecurity Software Category: DOWN 1.2% the first week of May
  7. Custom Design EDA Software Category: DOWN 1.9% the first week of May
    • Description: The stock prices of electronic design automation (EDA) software companies creating custom designed chips is set to take off given a projected 11% CAGR in the category between now and 2028. This portfolio tracks the stock price changes of 3 companies in this category.
    •  3 Constituents:  ANSS, SNPS which is acquiring ANSS, and CDNS
      • UP 5% or more: None
      • DOWN 5% or more: None


The 57 constituents (54 when the 3 duplicates are removed) in the 7 categories above went DOWN 0.4%, on average, last week.

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