Tuesday , 3 October 2023


This Currency-Neutral Measure of the Gold Price Suggests The Gold Bull Market Will Continue

One of the challenges of analyzing trends in the gold price and the gold market is the effect of fluctuating currency exchange rates on the price. What we think of as the "gold price" is really just the gold price measured in U.S. dollars. What is needed is a single metric to look at for a currency-neutral measure of the gold price that removes the effect of the U.S. dollar and I have identified a ratio that does just that and it reveals that one should maintain confidence that the gold bull market will continue, and not to be overly worried by the recent correction in the price of gold and mining stocks. Word count: 532

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GLD & HUI: Where’s the Bottom? Is It Time To Buy?

All sorts of opinions are flooding in about why GLD & HUI are declining, what's coming next and why investors should buy or why they should sell. Panic seems like an appropriate description of the current emotional state for many gold bulls. The fact of the matter, however, is that gold is simply declining because... Word count: 588

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Relax! Gold Pricing Going According to Script – Down & then UP! Here’s Why

The spike in gold/silver mining stocks convinced a lot of people that a new bull market had begun but last week's brutal smack-down scared the hell out of many of the same folks. The latest commitment of traders (COT) report, however, implies that we should all relax. Things are playing out pretty much according to a script that's been in place for decades - and which points to happy times by early next year. Let me be more explicit.

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Gold Is Not Going Up Until These 2 Elements Come Into Play

Several analysts in favour of gold are predicting a spike to come in the precious metal’s price. They base this prediction on several arguments but, as far as I’m concerned, their arguments won’t be enough to push gold up toward new heights. There are two other elements that need to come into play, and we’re starting to see them.

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Gold Is Going To Be Constrained For The Balance of 2016 – Here’s Why

We maintain the view that the rise in gold since the beginning of 2016 is not fundamentally supported, but that later in 2017 the inflation conditions and the value of the dollar, might provide a foundation from which a new gold bull market rally could grow. We, therefore, expect gold to drop down to meet the curve and test the $1,000/ozt. level as the dollar climbs out of its trading range.

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