Sunday , 14 April 2024

The 6 Most Commonly Held Anti-Gold Beliefs That Don’t Hold Water

…Many in the investment community swear by the old myths about gold, but is there any truth in them? If investors examined the facts, they would find that the most commonly held anti-gold beliefs do not hold water and, once the general public realizes that these beliefs are not valid, the price of gold will be much higher.

The above edited excerpts come from an article* by Nick Barisheff ( originally entitled The Six Biggest Myths About Gold which can be read in its entirety HERE.

Nick discusses and debunks six of the most prevalent myths:

  1. Gold is a bad investment;
  2. gold is not a good inflation hedge;
  3. gold is a risky investment;
  4. gold does not pay dividends or interest;
  5. gold is a relic; and
  6. mining stocks are better investment than bullion.

Nick says that…those investors…who believe the above myths are missing out on the opportunity to add an asset class that:

  • diversifies portfolios,
  • protects against inflation, and
  • may provide better returns than traditional assets like stocks and bonds.

Under a worst-case scenario of systemic risk, bullion may be the only asset that holds its value while other assets begin a price discovery process. As the price of bullion rises, informed investors will benefit from purchasing bullion at today’s undervalued prices.


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