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Gold & Silver: Parabolic Surge to $3,500 & $90 to Begin In Early 2015 (+4K Views)

My new analysesgold-silver of gold & silver suggests they will both show renewed weakness before jumping dramatically in price by the end of 2016/early 2017 – to $3,500 and $90 respectively . Below are the specific details (with charts).

Morales Veas goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

As the charts for gold and silver show below:

There is still time to open short positions on gold and silver!

1. GOLD update Feb.20/14:  

My new forecast is US$900 approx. for gold!

Gold update November 22/14:

  • US$900 will occur in Jan./Feb. 2015!
  • then rise to US$3,500 approx., in Nov./Dec., 2016 or in Jan./Feb. 2017!

2. SILVER update Feb. 25/14:

My new forecast is US$15 approx. for silver!

Silver update Nov. 22/14:

  • US$15 will occur in Jan./Feb. 2015!
  • then rise to US$90 approx., in Nov./Dec., 2016 or in Jan./Feb. 2017!


Gold Chart



Silver Chart


(The above 2 charts were made using MetaStock Pro. 12 software – www.metastock.com)

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Juan Eduardo Morales Veas is Chairman & C.E.O. MoneyGreedandFear.com; a Financier & Asset, Portfolio & Wealth Manager;  Precious Metals Adviser & Trend Follower Trader and can be contacted at [email protected].

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  1. I’m hopeful that the Swiss are smart enough to demand that their Banks increase the amount of Gold, otherwise they like many other Countries will be subject to wide spread paper money manipulation.

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