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Financial Entertainment: Could Some of the Gold At Fort Knox Be Radioactive?

The movie Goldfinger, in which James Bond stops a plot to radiate the U.S. gold at FortGoldFinger-Image-1 Knox, may actually turn out to be more truth than fiction. Why? Because there is speculation that some radioactive gold made its way into U.S. Treasury Gold Reserve. [Let me explain.]

By Steve St. Angelo ( The original article* was posted under the title FORT KNOX: Tainted With Radioactive Gold?.

The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Paducah, Kentucky, built in 1952 as the only uranium enrichment facility in the United States…had, according to a 1999 Washington Post article, Gold May Have Too Much Glow, the secret mission to recycle nuclear warheads retired from service over five decades. 3 former employees contend in a lawsuit against the former operators of the plant that workers there:

  • used hammers and acetylene torches to strip away bits of gold and other metals from the warheads’ corrosion-proof plating and circuitry,
  • dumped the useless parts into trenches,
  • tossed the reclaimed gold – some of it still radioactive – into a smelter and
  • molded it into shiny ingots

and that, as a result, some metals may have been highly radioactive when they left Paducah, bound perhaps for private markets.

[Indeed,] according to the Department of Energy Report released December 21, 2000 on the Cold War ERA activities at the Paducah site… between 2,800 and 5,300 pounds of gold from retired nuclear weapon assemblies and scrap parts was recovered and shipped from the Paducah Plant from 1964 to 1985…to the U.S. Department of Treasury for refinement and reuse and that, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, some gold was sold to commercial reprocessors…

If we consider that say 3-4,000 pounds of gold were recycled and made their way into the U.S. Gold Reserve, that’s upwards of (160) 400 oz bars sitting in Fort Knox or sold to some POOR CENTRAL BANK SLOB… who has no idea the gold they received may indeed be glowing…

Currently, the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant is being decommissioned and will cost billions of dollars and many years to complete.  Of course the private companies such as Lockheed Martin and Union Carbide that ran the plant at various times, do not have any financial exposure to the clean-up – it’s all from the public coffers.

As the lights go out at the only uranium enrichment plant in the United States there is a high probability that gold bars are glowing brightly in some lucky vault [but] the real question is this: Are they part of the remaining gold at Fort Knox, or is some unfortunate Central Bank now the owner of the HOTTEST GOLD on the planet?

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