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Today’s Financial Entertainment: “Cataclysmic Observations” Regarding Gold & Silver

Frankly, we cannot conceive of a more cataclysmic set of circumstances for both the globalgold-silver economy in general, and the gold Cartel specifically [than currently exist].  Act now, before “traders” return from summer vacations next week or you may be locked out of the most important “protection trade” of all time!

The above introductory comments are edited excerpts from an article* by Andrew Hoffman ( entitled Cataclysmic Observations.

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Hoffman goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

In our view, there is no more damning proof of QE failure than collapsing interest rates amidst hyperinflationary money printing, which must continue given the gathering global consensus that what we predicted all along – “QE to Infinity” – is a fait accompli in the terminal stage of fiat currency Ponzi schemes.

To wit, essentially all nations are stuck in the same “QE trap,” which, after 43 years, has finally been universally sprung.  Watching the benchmark U.S. 10-year Treasury implode today to 2.34% – amidst the “good news” of a (fraudulent) upward GDP revision, we couldn’t be more validated in our view that “QE to Infinity” is a fait accompli in the terminal stage of fiat currency Ponzi schemes – or more terrified of their ramifications

Worldwide economic activity is rapidly approaching 2008-level free-fall speed with the only remaining “cushion” being history’s most blatant, heavy-handed, hyper-inflationary money printing and market support.  Heck, look at Japan’s [most recent] economic data[which reports] a much higher than expected 3.4% inflation rate, a 5.9% collapse in July household spending and a 0.5% decline in retail sales – combined with surging unemployment to a nine-month high…[If it were not for] the BOJ now overtly buying stocks…[these] losses would probably morph into a 1929-like crash.  Hey, just a few months left until Abenomics must be “doubled up.”  Gee, what could go wrong?  Then again, at least they can wait a few months – as opposed to “Goldman Mario” Draghi, who if he can’t goose markets in the next few days, will be forced to commit Europe to its own version of “QE to Infinity” next Thursday.

Last but not least, under the heading of “how foolish do they think the entire world is?” is today’s comically blatant paper PM raids. 

In gold’s case, what a shock, capped at exactly the Cartel’s 1.0% upside cap at exactly the COMEX open

24hr Gold 8-28-2014

with a second decline at precisely the 10:00 AM EST “key attack time number #1” (when global physical markets closed), coincident with interest rates plunging to their low of the day, whilst the PPT executed a perfect “dead ringer” algorithm to defend the Dow Jones Propaganda Average.

3 Graphs

As for silver, it does not get more obvious how terrified the Cartel is of the “financial world’s Achilles Heel” destroying them – which we assure you, it will.  I mean, seriously, we are at the end of the COMEX delivery period; and despite every attempt to attack silver, roughly half the miniscule 60 million ounces of silver is spoken for (as if that matters, as the Cartel hasn’t allowed a single ounce of the hundreds of thousands demand this year to be delivered).  Geez, this doesn’t even qualify as an exchange anymore, it is getting so obvious.  Think about it, what are the odds that, on a week when massive physical demand threatens to destroy the Cartel’s silver naked shorting scheme entirely, that silver would be attacked at the exact moment the COMEX opened every day of the week?

New York Chart

Oh well, we’ll just have to sit tight with our holdings of real money – which care of record U.S. Mint and Royal Canadian Mint statistics are flying off the shelves at rates above last year’s records.  Moreover, I noted last week that Miles Franklin has seen surging demand all month; and given such an environment going into the year’s busiest period, the Cartel appears to be on or close to death’s door.  Heck, the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV) closed at a year-high premium of 3.0% – putting it dangerously close to levels where “Admiral Sprott” can launch a Cartel-killing offering, whilst Euro Gold is on the verge of breaking above the very, very key round level of €1,000 – as it completes a massive year-long reverse head-and shoulders pattern.

$GOLD Grah


Frankly, we cannot conceive a more cataclysmic set of circumstances for both the global economy in general, and the gold Cartel specifically.  Act now, before “traders” return from summer vacations next week or you may be locked out of the most important “protection trade” of all time!

Editor’s Note: The author’s views and conclusions in the above article are unaltered and no personal comments have been included to maintain the integrity of the original post. Furthermore, the views, conclusions and any recommendations offered in this article are not to be construed as an endorsement of such by the editor.

* (Copyright © 2014)

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