Sex, Alcohol & Marijuana-Related Articles of Interest – Take A Look (+3K Views) is a serious financial, economic and investment site with hundreds ofwarning3 thousands of visitors each month. That being said, the occasional diversion to off-topic subjects, like sex-related matters, drinking preferences and legalized marijuana have garnered significant interest. Below are 11 such articles.

By Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!) and the FREE Market Intelligence Report newsletter (sample here)


1. Average Age of First Sexual Intercourse by Country & 49 Other Informative Views of the World

If you’re a visual learner then you know maps, charts and infographics can really help bring data and information to life. Maps can make a point resonate with readers and this collection aims to do just that. Read More »

2. Going Topless Is Legal In These U.S. States & Canadian Provinces

Going topless for both men and women has come a long way over the last 77 years but still has much further to go as the map of the U.S. below illustrates. Read More »

3. % By Country Who Say “Extramarital Affairs Are Unacceptable”

A Pew Research Center poll shows that the French public are far more relaxed than the rest of the world about the acceptability of extramarital affairs. What % of people in your country think that behaving so is unacceptable? Take a look. Read More »


1. Which Countries Smoke the Most Marijuana? Check Out the Map

A recent United Nations report on drug use reveals drug trends around the world, including which countries have the highest rates of cannabis use. Check out the map. Read More »

2. Cash In On Legalization of Recreational Pot – Here’s How

The legalization of recreational pot in Colorado, Washington and other states is presenting investors a wealth of new opportunities to cash in on this new cash crop. Here are the specifics as to how to do just that. Read More »

3. How Much Does Drug Use Cost An Addict, the Economy & YOU?

Drug addiction ravages the health of the body and mind, but it can also be ruinous to the wallet of an addict. In addition, substance abuse wreaks havoc on U.S. businesses, affecting workers’ health and productivity (2 in 3 addicts are employed and 1 in 12 users are full-time workers). This article looks at the financial costs of a typical drug habit, the cost of rehab, the cost to the economy at large and the cost to the average American in allotted taxes – ouch! Read More »


1. 10 Hangover Remedies From Around the World – (Pickle Juice Anyone?)

From the classics like greasy eggs and bacon, to the questionable (pickle juice, anyone?), here are 10 hangover remedies from across the globe. Read More »

2. Beer vs. Wine: Which Is the Most Popular? Which Is the Healthiest? Which Is etc.

It’s an age-old debate; which is more popular, beer or wine; which is the healthiest; which variety of each is most consumed? So who wins? Find out which alcohol truly makes the world go round in the infographic below. Read More »

3. Do You Guzzle or Sip? Beer Facts From Around the World

Beer can be dirt cheap – or terribly expensive – depending on the country. This infographic identifies those countries with the most and least expensive brew, where the most beer is consumed per capita, and many more interesting beer facts. Read More »

4. Beer Vs Wine: Surprising Facts, Market Trends & More

This infographic will let you enjoy a round of facts and trivia about beer and wine that you can dispense with gusto during several rounds of drinks with friends. Read More »

5. USA #1? Not When It Comes To Drinking Beer!

Do you know who actually drinks the most beer in a year? As Oktoberfest rolls around, we decided to find out. Take our interactive globe for a spin to see the top 50 beer-drinking countries. Read More »