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This Weekend’s Financial Entertainment: A “Rant” On the Reality of the U.S. Economic Situation

The saying, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” suggests that25-Questions-To-Ask-Anyone-Who-Is-Delusional-Enough-To-Believe-That-This-Economic-Recovery-Is-Real-300x300 the general populace of America should be very, very ashamed! It is evident that they are prone to being fooled and robbed over and over again as they invest in a fake stock market, are sold over-valued housing and accept scraps of partial employment, food stamps, poverty level social security and poor healthcare from incompetent governance – and then try to escape by using credit and debt to keep up a standard of living without ever acquiring anything of real value. It would appear that our once infamous nation is now a “mob ruled” Democracy of ignorant masses of shallow, self centered pawn’s of skin who are unaware of their situation and the impending true reality and non-futures! 

The above introductory comments are edited excerpts from an article* by Roxanne Lewis ( entitled Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice Shame On Me!.

Lewis goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

The stock market is at an all time high with no economic recovery and is a rigged system set to benefit only the 1%.

  • There are no jobs,
  • no wage increases and
  • 40% of the American work force earn less than $20,000 a year.
  • Economic indicators are now showing the results of quarter after quarter of no growth from consumer spending, mortgage lending and car sales.
  • A little more than half (53%) earn less than $30,000 a year while a family of four earning $24,000 are considered below  poverty level.
  • Half the population IS NOT getting by and possibly another 40% [of those who] make more than $30,000 are barely getting by.
  • Few can qualify for a loan because everyone is up to their eyeballs in debt.

There is simply NO MARKET RECOVERY!  There is NOTHING driving our economy and America is becoming a third world country!

  • The Federal Reserve manipulates all markets and they have the COMPLETE cooperation from unscrupulous governance and the press/media that mold the minds of the daft populace.
  • There is no longer any control because of financial deregulation.
  • All of the bonds that have been sold and bought only created liquidity which did not go into the economy but have been stuffed into a FALSE stock market.
  • The Fed has been a GRAND failure at managing the economy as their bag of tricks has been used up.  The only two things they can do has been going on for 6 years,
    • Q-I money printing (digitizing, cyber nothingness using virtual numbers) of dollars and
    • holding interest rates to ZERO!

Zero interest rates do not inspire employers to hire the unemployed but ENOURAGE FINANCIAL SPECULATION as we see today in a bloated stock market of ZERO substance.  Zero interest rates have…

  • [encouraged] mal-investment in poor and marginal projects that would have been ignored in a fair interest rate environment,
  • promoted exactly the opposite of what is needed, that being productive investment….
  • [encouraged] the lending…[of] loans to marginal borrowers who can qualify.  Very few borrowers can borrow when rates are over 10% and higher but when mortgage rates are 3% monthly payments are lower many more qualify.
  • set us up for another wave of borrower defaults when the housing market and housing values drop again or when another wave of jobs are eliminated because of Obama Care causing even more outsourcing and economic cutbacks.  The facts are that 95% of American households don’t qualify for new loans or refinancing because they already have TOO MUCH DEBT.  The Fed however continues to encourage more debt and leverage, debt that will ultimately crush the economy…
  • have stolen billions of dollars from savers and retiree’s while pension funds have lost trillions over the past 6 years.   The Fed has punished the prudent and rewarded the gambler. Our centrally planned economy is corrupt, rife with injustice and highly favors the uber-wealthy who see themselves as greater and more important.   It is all about themselves, to grab as much wealth as they can from the system before it fails.   You and your family will be but collateral damage as their wheels roll, crush and steal the little you have accumulated….
  • done nothing to grow a REAL and productive economy – to lower unemployment thus improving the labor market or erase debt. It only robs the saver, impoverishes the retiree and steals ones pension growth.

Understand this; the U.S. economy is based on an ever-expanding credit system with more lending and more borrowing year after year which is necessary to keep our nation and the balloon afloat.

Daily I travel to my bank to deposit customer checks, wire their funds and make fungible exchanges of their worthless paper for real assets of precious metals.  I am constantly amazed at the naivety of my bank teller and my banks manager.  They:

  • have no idea about the history of money and admit that they have never seen nor held any silver or gold,
  • do not understand or accept that precious metals were ever money nor will they ever recognize that P.M.’s can be used as a unit of exchange or barter.
  • only believe that the black pixels of light and dark they see on their screens each day are the only true money and that money is not physical in nature unless you ask for your paper to be withdrawn.  Try to withdraw $10,000 in cash and chances are that they will ask you to come back on Friday or Monday after the Brinks man has delivered a little currency to disperse to those that like to hold a little cash.

The dollar, euro and pound are merely abstract mental numbers typed into their OFFICIAL currency accounts of the Federal Reserve Bank.   Numbers help us count but they are not units of value, the dollar has numbers on it denominating a value but the dollar is not a unit of value either.  Our whole global financial system is now made up of imaginary numbers of which there are 160 different currencies being used today and NONE actually hold any unit of value.  Well, none except the new Shanghai Gold Exchange set to open this week ahead of its planned schedule.  Watch for fireworks!

Now if confidence in our imaginary values of money crashes so will the system, the DOW, the NASDAQ, and the S&P500.  Remember when Wall Street and the stock markets closed following 9-11, the administrators of these electronic markets realized the reality of their situation and in order to survive and save the system they flipped the circuit breaker to prevent a total crash to ZERO of the entire monetary system.  That was is 13 years ago and it will happen again!

All our markets will crash and collapse!  Your virtual-cyber money may well disappear from your bank accounts.  When you go to your personal bank and ask your teller where your money is located they will point to their computer screen and the pixel numbers will be dramatically lower or zeroed out.  Banks, you see, are but huge centers of self-worship to the bankster’s extravagantly built marble, glass, brick structures with beautiful wood crafted interiors built to convince the increasingly common man that they are worthy of your faith in their worthless paper.  They no longer have a big storage vault storing silver and gold or gold backed dollars. In fact, they house little of value and mostly computer screens with metaphysical currencies which can easily disappear in our virtual world.

The few, the 1%, those in charge are stacking physical gold and silver at their manipulated below actual value prices, will crash the system when they decide that the system has been completely pillaged, and the 99% who have no physical assets will be bankrupt, destitute, homeless and hungry.

The world has been convinced to stay invested in a non-economy sporting historical record high returns that will vaporize overnight.   We don’t even know, “if there is gold in them thar hills” of Kentucky’s Fort Knox.  Why even Venezuela has opened up there vaults to prove to the world that they have their gold to back their bonds and have stated emphatically that they will not default on their debts.

We live in an increasingly unethical nation that shows more chicanery and rigging daily and when it unfolds the 1% will have secured their gold and you and I will be the ones that suffer.  Protect your family by purchasing physical gold and silver today…

Editor’s Note: The author’s views and conclusions in the above article are unaltered and no personal comments have been included to maintain the integrity of the original post. Furthermore, the views, conclusions and any recommendations offered in this article are not to be construed as an endorsement of such by the editor.

*©2014 WhyNotGOLD –

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