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The Canadian Housing Bubble Will NEVER Blow Up – Supposedly! Here’s Why

The Canadian housing bubble will never blow up. There’s simply too much “plankton” in the water. It keeps the “food chain” healthy and offers ample nourishment for the “big wales and sharks” and shorting the Canadian housing bubble is useless.

So believes Stuart Levings, CEO of Canada’s largest mortgage insurer, Genworth MI Canada.

Why so? Because, he says:

1. Canada’s immigration policy brings buyers into the pipeline (250,000 immigrants per year) who are great future first-time homebuyers that become plankton.

2. the federal government has put in place shorter amortizations and higher down payments, which has pushed subprime borrowers into the shadow banking sector of non-federally regulated lenders, which according to Levings, accounts for only 2% to 3% making them “like the flea on the tail of the dog” – too minuscule to matter.

3. the average credit scores of Genworth customers are a high 737 points and, as such, first-time homebuyers have been squeezed down into a small group who are qualified, good-quality borrowers.

4. there won’t be forced sales – a herd mentality – like there were in the U.S. during their housing bust (where owners, when they realized their homes were worth less than the mortgage, simply walked away) because in Canada all mortgages are full-recourse and, therefore, all borrowers are personally liable.

5. and, finally, low interest rates keep the plankton alive.

The pros and cons of his above point of view are analyzed in this excellent article* by Wolf Richer ( entitled Canadian Mortgage Insurer Tells US Hedge Funds Why Canada’s Housing Bubble Is Immortal.

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  1. Whenever someone says something as foolish as ‘the Canadian housing bubble can never bust’ there are only 2 avenue of reasoning, this person has no sense of reality OR this person has an agenda. The bust can and will happen, the question is .. WHEN??