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Talk of Jobs Coming Back Courtesy of the Fed is Ridiculous! Here’s Why (+2K Views)

Despite the preponderance of evidence that money printing doesn’t create jobs,job-market5 Bernanke and his Central Bank colleagues continue to perpetuate the myth that the recovery is just around the corner, as long as we continue to print money. It’s complete and utter insanity as all it will accomplish is bankrupting the U.S. resulting in higher costs of living – and lower quality of life – for all of us. [Let me explain why I believe that is the case.]

So writes Graham Summers in edited excerpts from his original article* entitled The Fed Will Bankrupt the US Trying to “Create” Jobs.

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Summers goes on to say in further edited (and in some instances paraphrased) excerpts:

The primary myth being perpetuated by the central banks of the world is the belief that loose monetary policy and money printing will lead to economic growth. They have cut interest rates…511 times since June 2007, and expanded their balance sheets by over $10 trillion…[but the fact is that] there is literally no evidence that printing money creates jobs. Look at Japan, they have and continue to maintain QE efforts equal to 40+% of their GDP and unemployment hasn’t budged in 20 years. The UK has engaged in QE equal to over 20% of GDP with no success.

Inflation Has Outperformed Job Creation

If you need further proof that money printing and inflation don’t create jobs take a look at the chart below from Bill King’s The King Report.  The blue line is CPI. The pink line is non-seasonally adjusted non-farm payroll (jobs). [As seen below,] inflation has dramatically outperformed job creation in the last 50 years.

Since Bernanke took over at the Fed, the U.S. hasn’t experienced a single year of 3% GDP growth. All the talk of jobs coming back courtesy of the Fed is ridiculous. The employment population ratio peaked in 2000. Since that time jobs have not kept up with population growth, let alone grown. Indeed, all that has grown is inflation, the one thing the Fed is great at creating.

According to Harvard Professor Ken Rogoff inflation rose a mere 20% in the 138 years leading up to the Fed’s founding in 1913…but in the 100 years since then, inflation has risen by 3,000% and the U.S. dollar has lost between 96-98% of its value.

Despite the preponderance of evidence that money printing doesn’t create jobs, Bernanke and his Central Banker colleagues continue to perpetuate the myth that the recovery is just around the corner, as long as we continue to print money. It’s complete and utter insanity and all it will accomplish is bankrupting the US, resulting in higher costs of living…and lower quality of life for all of us.


Folks, there is no other way to put this: the markets are in a massive bubble and when it bursts, things will get ugly very FAST.

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  1. If the financial market takes a DIVE (pun intended) then watch Precious Metals go ballistic, as they said in TopGun.'s+going+vertical.+So+am+l.+-+We're+going+ballistic.+Go+get+him

    Investors are all being played by the Central Bankers and their friends in their Big Banks; few if any others will be able to join in the mega profits to be made when the “switch” occurs, because the markets will all be closed to normal trading until the dust settles, at which time the financial times as we have known it will be over as a new day of fiscal reckoning arrives.

    Can anybody imagine what a devaluated US$ would be worth, (I’m thinking a hundredth of a new buck (NU$)? It would be hard on US but much harder on all those that we owe money too, as we just paid them off in our New Bucks (NU$) which might even be in the form of electronic money called e$, which would allow for instant deployment while also making life difficult for all those will huge amounts of paper money that they cannot explain to the conversion auditors that will handling all monetary conversions between old US$ and NU$…

    Further, if some countries choose to not do business with US, well so be it since we are the Worlds biggest consumers and have the strongest Military to protect them. It might even create huge numbers of jobs since many would be wanting to buy american since that would save them from losing money if they bought foreign goods because of the conversion from N$ or the e$ to another currency.