Thursday , 13 June 2024

Here’s How to Jumpstart the U.S. Economy

Below are 6 suggestions as to what the U.S. government could do to turn America’s bloated failing economy around instead of just printing ever more money which time has shown does not work. Words: 360

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Wants You, To Help Save America!”

So writes SeniorD, a long-time reader and avid supporter, in a guest editorial posted on (Your Key to Making Money!) originally entitled Uncle Sam Wants You, To Help Save America!.

SeniorD outlines his 6 suggestions below:

1. Reduce U.S. military spending from 60% of our budget to the 2002 level of 40%.
  • Doing so would eliminate any future problems with funding Social Security, Medicare and/or Medicaid.
2. Eliminate use of all off shore tax havens being used by wealthy U.S. individuals and U.S. corporations alike,
  • then tax all of them fairly, with mandatory prison time for thieves;
  • then audit every person/corporation with over $100,000 off shore, starting from the top downward, to make sure that they have paid all their required taxes,
  • then close all tax loopholes that are found for 2013 and beyond…
3. Increase the income taxes a little bit on the upper 1% of America’s wealthiest tax payers until our economy rebounds
  • In doing so the ultra-wealthy would be financially encouraged to support our recovery.
  • It is time that all those that can best afford to pay a bit more taxes, to do more, to help America’s recovery, not just help themselves!
4. Provide Gov’t. backed refinance loans to all home owners with good mortgage payment histories to do major energy upgrades such as the Solarization of America’s rooftops.
  • Doing so would not only create many new jobs but make the U.S. greener, more energy efficient and much less dependent on foreign oil.
  • All profits from this program should go to additional stockpiling of strategic reserves and/or paying down the U.S. debt.
5. De-commission all old nuclear reactors (the U.S. cannot afford to RISK even a single nuclear trillion dollar eco-disaster)…
  • In doing so the hundreds of billions that it will cost in decommissioning… will help jumpstart the U.S. economy with good paying, long term local jobs.
6. End all our wars (including the war on drugs)
  • Doing so would provide the funds for the upgrading of our infrastructure, putting Americans back to work and/or paying down the U.S. debt, which will also help protect the value of the U.S. dollar.
The above 6 suggestions would put the U.S. back on track financially while making the entire world a safer [and better place to live] – and it could be done before 2014!

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  1. As my first guest editorial, I’d be interested in what reader think about not only the topic I’ve chosen but the format of the article (a numbered listing vs a traditionally written article). Thanks In Advance