Thursday , 13 June 2024

Economic Overviews

Here’s What’s Coming! Warning: Reader Discretion Is Advised! (+8K Views)

Warning: Reader discretion is advised! You are about to read a fictional account of what we could be faced with in the coming years - perhaps as early as 2024 - based on events that are already taking place in America today. It is most alarming but, unfortunately, after everything I’ve seen during my time inside Wall Street, inside the CIA and inside the halls of the Pentagon, that’s the path America’s heading down.

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Assessments of Powell’s Favorite Indicators Say…

Powell has three jobs at the Federal Reserve: Ensure the US Treasury market functions; Price stability and Employment. [Below is my assessment of how each is evolving and what we can expect from the Fed over the next 3 to 6 months and the effect on the U.S. economy.] 

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Top 10 Videos For Week (+2K Views)

Lyn Alden: The economy is crashing into stagflation... Edward Dowd: CV19 vax deadliest fraud in history … Jim Rickards : New kind of globalization is coming … Stanley Druckenmiller: The bubble has burst with a vengeance … and more.

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