Tuesday , 21 March 2023

Economic Overviews

An Assessments of Powell’s Favorite Indicators Say…

Powell has three jobs at the Federal Reserve: Ensure the US Treasury market functions; Price stability and Employment. [Below is my assessment of how each is evolving and what we can expect from the Fed over the next 3 to 6 months and the effect on the U.S. economy.] 

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Top 10 Videos For Week

Lyn Alden: The economy is crashing into stagflation... Edward Dowd: CV19 vax deadliest fraud in history … Jim Rickards : New kind of globalization is coming … Stanley Druckenmiller: The bubble has burst with a vengeance … and more.

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An “economic hurricane” is coming!

Between soaring inflation, falling wages, slowing economic growth, and a Fed bent on tightening monetary policy, there is a storm on the horizon. The magnitude, timing, and location of the “economic hurricane” are still anyone’s best guess.

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