Wednesday , 21 February 2024

A Moderate Recession, NOT a Systemic Crisis, Is Likely In Canada

…Oxford Economics, a global macro research firm, warns [that] their recession index shows a recession [in Canada] is almost certain at this point. It’s unlikely to be a brief one either, with the central bank unable to rely on lower rates due to high inflation. At this time they don’t expect a financial crisis, but it can no longer be ruled out…

The index has a track record of identifying periods of economic stress, notably surging in 2007, preceding the Great Recession. At the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, it also indicated the incoming stress would be more serious than thought at the time. Now with the tightening of financial conditions in 2021, it indicates a recession is coming — and it won’t be mild.

The Bank of Canada Won’t Be Able To Cut Rates Due To Inflation

Many people are expecting the erosion to translate into rate cuts, but that’s not an option this time, said Tony Stillo, the director of economics at the firm saying, “Such a noteworthy tightening of financial conditions might normally give the Bank of Canada (BoC) reason to pause its most aggressive rate tightening campaign in decades but the BoC is steadfast on quelling inflation and preventing a wage-price spiral, meaning we don’t think a dovish pivot is likely.”…

Expect Interest Rates To Climb Further

The firm is forecasting higher rates and tighter financial conditions, despite the worsening environment. At this time, they expect another 50 basis point hike to the overnight rate in October, making a 3.75% policy rate. It would be the highest since 2008, before pausing to assess the economic fallout. The firm warns this is well into restrictive territory, especially with quantitative tightening to shrink its balance sheet by 5% of Canada’s GDP by 2025.

“Tighter financial conditions are worrisome given the Canadian economy’s extremely elevated household debt levels and heavy reliance on the housing sector – which is already in recession. We still view a financial crisis as highly unlikely, and cannot be ruled out,” warns Stillo, but thinks a moderate recession instead of a systemic crisis seems like a strong trade off.

The above article by Lorimer Wilson, Managing Editor of, is an edited ([ ]), abridged […], retitled, restructured, reformatted, highlighted and grammatically corrected version of an article by Daniel Wong for the sake of brevity and clarity to ensure a fast and easy read.