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Is This the Beginning of the Expected Stock Market Crash? (+2K Views)

For months numerous articles have been posted on this site substantiating why a stock market collapse of epic proportions is in the cards to happen soon. The basis for such a conclusion are based on a diverse perspective that warrants your attention. With your money on the line - your future quality of life at risk - here is your opportunity to be forewarned and do something about it.

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Sex, Gold & Economic Collapse

The words "sex", "gold" and "collapse" are three of the most googled and, as such, many articles are posted daily on regarding the future for the price of gold, possible economic and financial collapse and the odd article on sexual behaviour around the world. Below is a summary of a number of such articles.

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The Great American Apocalypse 2011-2012: The Video (+2K Views)

Unlike the credit crisis that triggered the last major stock market collapse … the “Fiscal Armageddon” that could “dwarf 2008″ will be intensely personal. Millions of Americans will face the specter of lost incomes … lost savings … lost buying power … lost homes … lost liberty. View the video for all the details.

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Upcoming Market Decline Will Be Worse Than Last Time – Here's Why

Bernanke has massively increased the monetary response in an attempt to halt the secular bear, and we know how the last attempt to control the market turned out - we got the second worst recession since the Great Depression and the second worst bear market in history. I fully expect the next leg down in the secular bear to be even worse that the last one - not only in the stock market, but also in the economy. Words: 525

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