Sunday , 21 April 2024

The Great American Apocalypse 2011-2012: The Video (+2K Views)

An “American Apocalypse” Awaits Us!

Unlike the credit crisis that triggered the last major stock market collapse … the “Fiscal Armageddon” that could “dwarf 2008″ will be intensely personal. Millions of Americans will face the specter of lost incomes … lost savings … lost buying power … lost homes … lost liberty. [View the video for all the details.]

So says Martin Weiss* ( in his new video presentation — American Apocalypse — in which he:

  • shows you why and give you a clear plan to insulate yourself and your wealth as this historic catastrophe unfolds
  • details the three massive crises — all converging in this time frame — that are capable of changing history
  • reveals the infuriating reason why you could find yourself paying more than $11 for a gallon of gasoline and over $10 for a gallon of milk
  • documents why you could soon see interest rates exploding into double digits … your Social Security and Medicare benefits slashed … even riots in the streets
  • tells you about the self-defense investments that could triple, quadruple and more
  • tells you why more than 2,000 of America’s banks are vulnerable to this crisis
  • describes the $51 investment with the power to nearly quintuple your money when the dominoes fall
  • gives you the details on why thousands of U.S. stocks are now as vulnerable as toy balloons in a room full of razor blades and
  • tells you about the investments that could make you 134.4% richer if a decline happens in the next 12 months … and 155.4% richer if it comes sooner.

Click this link to watch it now.


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