Wednesday , 22 May 2024

Sex, Gold & Economic Collapse

faviconThe words “sex”, “gold” and “collapse” are three of the most googled and, as such, many articles are posted daily on regarding the future for the price of gold, possible economic and financial collapse and the odd article on sexual behaviour around the world. Below is a summary of a number of such articles.

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Today’s “Tri-Sexta” – Topless Laws; Extramarital Affairs; First Sex – By Country

swimsuit-2013 is a serious financial, economic and investment site with hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. That being said, the occasional diversion to off-topic subjects, like sex-related matters, have garnered the greatest interest. Below are 3 such articles. Read More »


Gold Watch:


The internet is scanned daily to find the most unique, informative, timely and best written articles on the pros and cons of buying physical gold & silver and/or their mining ETFs and how to go about undertaking such action should you decide to do so. Below are 10 you might have missed. Enjoy! Read More »


Is A Collapse Possible, Likely or Imminent?


Much has been written by a variety of analysts on the health of the U.S. economy, its susceptibility to a collapse, and possible/likely/imminent (depending on who the author is) of an impending stock market crash, falling U.S. dollar and future hyperinflation. Below is a cross-section of opinions on the subject to help you get a more enlightened understanding of the factors at play and what influence, if any, they may have on how things unfold. Read More »