Tuesday , 18 June 2024

Retraction: Armstrong Says Gold Has NOT Bottomed

What Mr. Armstrong writes in his articles is done so poorly it is almost always confusing and often virtually incomprehensible but it has a way of providing cover for what he says. A case in point is the inference in an article last week that gold had bottomed, would begin to rise substantially sometime after Oct. 1st and eventually reach $5,000+ sometime during 2016. His latest article disclaims those inferences and, as such, I stand corrected. Here’s what he now says:

The above inferences were made in an article* posted on munKNEE.com under the title Martin Armstrong: Gold Has Bottomed – Going To $5,000+ In 2016. Mr. Armstrong refutes those inferences in an article** entitled Gold Has NOT Bottomed Yet as follows:

1. Gold has not bottomed as of yet for it must line up with everything else. The sell signal at the end of July was yet another confirmation that new lows still lie ahead. Those targets for the low in gold are in the International Precious Metals Report that warns of the final decline.

2. We are NOT looking for the low in gold to be on October 1 either. If that materialized, it would be extremely profound. However, the more likely event will be the rush to cash completing the final Flight to Quality.

3. How high gold will rise from a major low depends upon the entire political landscape but more importantly, the technical projections and the Reversals generated from that low.

*https://munknee.com/martin-armstrong-gold-has-bottomed-going-to-5000-in-2016/ **http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/archives/35556

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  1. Mr. Editor:

    I saw your post on stockhouse claiming Martin Armstrong said gold has bottomed so I forwarded it him and he put this out:

    “Gold Has NOT Bottomed Yet”


    • You should state, I stand corrected? And not attribute this to M. Armstrong.
      Obviously you did not pay for US$ 400 for this “International Gold Report for 2014.
      Your arrogance of not correctly stating what is in the report speaks volumes.
      Besides, why would he make his research widely disseminated without being paid?