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Retiring Soon? Consider Relocating to One of These Cities or Countries (+2K Views)

If you are retiring soon you might well be considering relocating to somewhere lessretire expensive and with a slower pace and better weather. This post outlines retirement destinations that satisfy the ‘expat criteria’ – great weather, widely spoken English, lower cost of living, a secure environment, convenient transportation, modern shopping conveniences, friendly people, and great food.

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1. Retirement: The World’s Best Places are in North America (1); Central America (2); South America (3); Europe (2); Asia (2)

Loll in the lap of inexpensive luxury at any one of International Living’s 10 best retirement destinations: North America (1); Central America (2); South America (3); Europe (2); Asia (2)  Words: 1155 Read More »

2. The 10 Best Places to Retire in Mexico

It’s time to look at the very best places in Mexico to retire with real pro’s and con’s so the reader can really make an informed decisions on where to go that serves their needs, interests and ambitions. Read on! Read More »

3. Retiring? Here are 9 Countries in Asia Worth Considering

More and more retirees are looking to retire abroad where the sun shines almost daily, the weather is temperate, the lifestyle is enjoyable and the cost of living is a fraction of their current expenses. Have you ever considered Asia? This infographic compares the cost of living, lifestyle and personal safety of 9 countries worth considering. Words: 999; Photos: 5 Read More »

4. The 5 Best Retirement Cities in Asia

For an East Asian retirement destination that won’t leave you in complete culture shock 5 cities in particular satisfy the ‘expat criteria’ – widely spoken English, convenient transportation, modern shopping conveniences, friendly people, and great food. Below is a description of what these convenient and charming cities have to offer. Words: 999; Photos: 5 Read More »

Everyone’s interpretation of ideal weather isn’t the same – some want to spend their golden years soaking up the sun, while others prefer a place where they can be near ski slopes. That said, if you’re looking for what most of us would consider pleasant weather—places with plenty of sunshine, low amounts of rain or snow, fewest days below 32 degrees or above 90 degrees and low humidity—these locales came to mind as 10 of the best places [in the U.S.] to retire if weather is your main concern. Words: 585 Read More »

6. Mexico Is One of the 10 Best Countries to Retire In – Here Are the Other 9 and the Reasons Why

Rising costs in the U.S. are driving more people to consider retirement in less expensive locales and the list of potential resting spots is long and varied. International Living compiles annual lists on the best places to retire based on things like cost of living, ease of entry, healthcare, insurance and access to amenities. [Below are their top 10.] Words: 950 Read More »

7. Canada is a Great Place to Retire – Here’s Why

While [Green Valley] Arizona, [Naples] Florida, [Ajijic – Mexico or Mendoza – Argentina,] or some hidden island in a foreign land, might seem like the dream place to live out the end of one’s life, it turns out that Canadians just might be better off at home [and Americans and others should seriously consider emigrating to Canada sooner than later]. Here is a brief summary of the reasons why. Words: 842 Read More »

8. Where Does Your Country Rank as “Best” in World to Live?

Canadians are the second happiest group in the world, after Australia, according to the results of a new study in which citizens of 34 countries were able to rate their own country on the things that made them feel they were experiencing a happy life. Where do the United Kingdom and the United States rank themselves? Read on! Words: 517 Read More »

9. 5 Places to Retire and Rent for Less Than $500 Per Month

Housing is likely to be one of your biggest retirement expenses. One way to approach your search for the ideal overseas retirement haven is to focus on retire-overseas choices where housing is cheap. [Below I present five such places for your consideration.] Words: 1040 Read More »

10. Thinking About Retirement? Here Are the World’s 25 Best Places To Do So

International Living magazine released its annual Retirement Index of the best retirement destination in the world. The U.S. reached #15. You will never guess which country was #1! Words: 495 Read More »


  1. Expect to see ever more retiree’s live outside the USA, where their meager Social Security pension will allow them to live far better (and probably longer) than in the USA.

    • I am an American ex-pat who just just retired in Qingdao, China, my wife’s home city. We bought a nice home in a highrise in an upscale area 2 years ago for $100.000. There is no property tax and utilities are very cheap. We live an upper middle class life on about $800 a month and have money left over to travel. We don’t touch our savings. A nice 2 BR apartment is $350 a month if you don’t want to buy. Public transportation is great. The bus costs 12 cents. A 45 minute taxi ride is $5. Qingdao is modern, safe, beautiful and clean.