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From Under the Radar – Great Articles On Gold, Inflation & Investing

Every now and then very informative, insightful and well-written financial articles gets buried by more trendy,Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 exciting and provocative articles and, as such, they get overlooked – fly under the radar as Malaysia flight MH370 has done. Below are introductory paragraphs and links to a few such articles posted on the internet in the past week that are still very timely and well worth your time to check out.

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1. there is no inflation, There is No Inflation, THERE IS NO INFLATION! Yeah, Sure!

Don’t listen to what the official numbers say. Inflation is a big problem already for the U.S. economy – and in an inflationary environment, gold bullion goes up and stock prices go down, because materials cost more and consumers spend less. I’d adjust my portfolio accordingly for the rapid inflation that awaits us. Read More »

2. Inflation: What You Need to Know

The March year-over-year inflation rate was 1.51%, which is well below the 3.88% average since the end of the Second World War and 37% below its 10-year moving average. Read More »

3. Where Should Your Money Be In This “No Safe Haven Era”?

How have the traditional safe havens performed since the great financial crash of 2008/2009? What can we expect from the traditional safe havens going forward? Those are the two questions we try to answer in this article. Read More »

4. Become An Expert In Financial Market Math & History – Here’s How

Following Charlie Munger’s advice to “develop into a lifelong self-learner through voracious reading; cultivate curiosity and strive to become a little wiser every day” this article presents my recommendation as to what books to read to learn more about financial market history and the basic math skills you need to be a good investor. Read More »

5. Don’t Try to Time the Market – Here’s Why

…Everyone is worrying that we are at or near a market peak and this has investors extremely hesitant to buy stocks for fear of a big decline or perhaps even a crash. Obsessing over the risk of a crash, however, could lead to analysis paralysis but there is a basic investing strategy that can save investors from losing too much hair as they make the decision to buy stocks. It’s called dollar-cost averaging. Let me explain how it works and why it’s great for investors with long-term investing horizons. Read More »

6. What’s the “Gone Fishin’” Portfolio? Here Are the Details

I can’t predict the future, and neither can you. That’s why I created the Gone Fishin’ Portfolio. It’s breathtakingly simple, works like a charm and has beaten the S&P 500 every year, while taking much less risk than being fully invested in stocks. Read More »

7. Gold Stocks Could Jump 100% in the Coming Year – Here’s Why

It’s not crazy to think that gold stocks could easily double from their current levels if you realize the extreme condition the gold-stocks-to-gold ratio is in – and if you know your market history. Let me explain. Words: 336; Charts: 1 Read More »

8. Where Are Gold & Silver, Interest Rates & the Stock Market Going In the Next 1-5 Years? A Perspective

Investing in natural resources and precious metals is attractive today because the sector is so much cheaper than it was three years ago. Read More »

9. Gold, Stocks & Bonds: What % Should You Have of Each?

What would the optimal portfolio allocation in gold have been according to Modern Portfolio Theory over several different periods of time? This article has a look at how an investor could have combined gold and equities to enhance risk-adjusted returns. Read

10. High Frequency Trading – “You’re Getting Sc—ed!”

How would you feel if you went to the store to buy something, and someone rushed ahead of you and high purchased it first and then sold it to you at a higher price? Well, in the financial world this happens millions upon millions of times. In fact, this practice has become so popular that it has spawned an entire industry known as “high frequency trading”. Read More »




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