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Noonan: Like It Or Not, Here’s What the Gold & Silver Charts Are Saying (+2K Views)

The following comments may not be what one wants to hear, but chartsfine silver fine gold tell what the reality is behind any market, and we are just the messenger delivering the chart-driven message.  It is one we have been saying for the last 4 to 5 years, with regard to not being on the long side in the paper futures market. [Let’s take a look at the most recent charts for gold and silver.]

By: Michael Noonan

Gold – Monthly Chart

The monthly chart below is not a pillar of strength as price continues to recede lower and lower with no meaningful rally attempts that would reflect the reality of actual physical demand…

The higher controlling pattern in the chart below shows no sign of an impending turnaround in the price of gold.  However deflationary…this may sound to gold and silver enthusiasts, and we are among them, the alternative, fiat, now soon to be digital world currency, is even less appealing.  Time remains on the side of the globalists, for now.

GC M 12 Dec 15

Gold: Weekly Chart

The best read for price behavior moving forward is its overall past with an emphasis on its present developing market behavior, and that behavior does not show a break in pattern to the downside

GC W 12 Dec 15

Gold: Daily Chart

We keep looking for signs of a turnaround without seeing any.  Rallies have been weak. Note how far away a 50% retracement is on the weekly chart below.  Half-way retracements are used as a guide to gauge the character of a trend.  For as long as  a down trend can keep  rallies from extending past 50% of the last swing decline, the trend is in no danger of ending. When price cannot muster much beyond just a 25% reaction rally, the activity speaks for itself.

GC D 12 Dec 15

Silver: Monthly Chart

Silver has a slightly different structure to its down trend, but it remains entrenched in its trend lower.  The monthly shows no signs of encouragement that price has reached and/or is making a bottom.

SI M 12 Dec 15

The Gold:Silver Ratio

[As an aside,] when one continues to buy physical gold and silver, it is silver that will more than likely provide the best return on exchanged paper currency.  The gold:silver ratio is now around 77 to 1.  Every ounce of gold has an equivalent value of 77 ounces of silver.  Ten oz of gold would yield around 720 oz of silver, accounting for transaction costs.

The historic ratio between gold and silver is said to be around 15:1, even 25:1.  Should the ratio return to say 35:1, for the sake of argument, the 10 oz of gold exchanged for 720 oz of silver can now be reversed.  The 720 oz of silver can be exchanged for just over 20 oz of gold, say 19, after transaction costs.  The previous holding of gold, 10 oz, has now become 19 oz without ever having been out of holding PMs.

It may take years for the ratio to rebalance from 77:1 to lower, but so what?  One’s holdings are still going up in value for little to no risk.  A thoughtful silver lining in the chart cloud.

Silver: Weekly Chart

[As evidenced by the weekly chart below] the silver market has shown an inability to mount any kind of meaningful rally over the past few months, despite a few falsely encouraging rallies intervening.

SI W 12 Dec 15

Silver: Daily Chart

The message is no different in the daily silver chart. Much more evidence is needed before one can entertain any thoughts for a change in trend.  The most positive aspect for silver is the fact that the gold:silver ratio now strongly favors buying/owning physical silver over gold.

SI D 12 Dec 15


Prices for both metals are cheap, despite what some may construe as not so favorable an outlook for PMs, at present, but that is exactly what the globalists want from people:

  • to get as many people as possible discouraged in their faith for buying/holding PMs;
  • to create false fiat gods;
  • to destroy all beliefs that gold and silver will again be a storehouse for value.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Always remember, the globalists who want to instill that false paradigm are the same ones who are issuing trillions and trillions of worthless so-called money, and no regime, from the beginning of civilization, has ever escaped from the collapse of every Ponzi scheme, including the current one that has been extraordinarily stretched beyond imagination, let alone far beyond reality tolerance.

If you feel disheartened, it is three rotten cheers for the globalists.  If you want to take a stand against them, keep the faith.  Keep your precious metals.  

The time for change has not yet come, but it will.  It is lunatics that are running the show – for now.

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