Sunday , 16 June 2024

New Developments in the World of Money

Due to concerns about inflation and money printing, the last 20 years has seen anbitcoin-435cs061112 incredible number of new developments in the world of money. This infographic shows how gold got digital, how digital currencies exploded into life and who the key players are in this global story.

The above words of Will Bancroft (the are edited excerpts from the introduction to his following infographic* entitled The growing digital challenge to government money.

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  1. As ever more investors become leery of flat printed money expect to see additional forms of “monetized” wealth become ever more popular. It will be interesting to watch as the Government(s) find new ways to make them illegal, in an effort to support their own flat money economies. Because Central Banks and /or the Fed can enable naked trades to keep PM’s posted values down they have no such lever for “monetized” instruments since they are valued by their owners…