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1.  Can These 17 of 18 Indicators Be Wrong About the Future Direction Of the U.S. Economy?

This article packs in as many economic signals as possible without it being too overwhelming….[It] shows 5 groupings of indicators which tell us the likely future performance of the consumer.

2. How to Find a Financial Advisor You Can Trust

According to a recent Vanguard study, the right financial advisor can add up to 3.75% of value to your portfolio but, with 310,000 investment advisors in the United States, how do you find one that is independent and that will serve your interests?

3. Gold Deserves A Place In Your Investment Portfolio – Here’s Why

While this year has been especially lackluster for gold with its price slumping 8% YTD and down 35% from its high in 2011 this out-of-favor asset class now deserves a place in investment portfolios. Here’s why.

4. Stock Market Forecast: Current Wild Extreme Will Soon Tip Into Savage Bear Market

The chief purpose of this article is to make it crystal clear to you, via the following charts, that the market is at a wild extreme and will soon tip into a savage bear market

5. Is It Finally Time To Buy Gold And Silver?

Gold and silver have been exceptionally weak this year. Is it finally time to buy gold & silver?

6. Gold Stocks At or Near Major Lows: Massive Upside Potential Exists

Gold and the miners have had a very disappointing year, but that shouldn’t cloud one’s vision. The bullish thesis either remains intact or it doesn’t. The math either works or it doesn’t. and the fundamentals remain exceptional.

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