Thursday , 13 June 2024

Gold & Silver

73% Of Analysts Have Seen Their 2023 Targets For Silver Surpassed

We've put together a list of all 26 analysts who have provided specific forecasts for the price of silver by the end of 2023. Surprisingly, compared to the 7 analysts who forecast specific targets for gold by the end of 2023 (see here), the vast majority (73%) of the silver analysts have already seen their forecasts exceeded, with the distinct possibility that that percentage could rise to 92% by year end.

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Does Gold Provide Portfolio Protection During A Recession?

Gold has a long held reputation as a hedge against an uncertain or failing economy but does having gold in your investment portfolio provide meaningful protection during a recession? We decided to dig into the data for a definitive answer and present below an infographic that shows the eight U.S. recessions since 1970 along with S&P 500 data (a proxy for the stock market) with the performance of gold prices that provides a clear answer.

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How Does Gold Perform During Stock Market Crashes? – Here’s How

Gold has long been viewed as the “safe-haven asset” - one that can protect investors against the ravages of stock market crashes - but does gold’s safe-haven reputation still hold up? Can gold actually protect your portfolio from a tumbling stock market? The infographic below shows the 10 biggest declines in the S&P 500 since 1970 and compares them with gold price movements during the same time.

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