Thursday , 25 July 2024

Jim Sinclair and Nick Barisheff Have Died Without Seeing Their Optimistic Gold Forecasts Realized



As highlighted in an earlier article 92 analysts were on record as expecting gold to reach $3,000/ozt. to as much as $50,000/ozt. in the next few years but, unfortunately, 2 prominent forecasters have died in the past month without seeing their expectations realized. How many more will die before their predictions become a reality? Time will tell.

James E. Sinclair, an advocate of gold as money  and an internationally known commenter on the markets, died of a heart attack on October 6th. Sinclair stated in an earlier video that the price of gold would rise to $50,000/ozt. (i.e. go “straight up” in Sinclair’s words) at the end of the 45-year gold cycle which is coming up in 2025 and rise up to $87,500/ozt. by the end of 2032 given that so many U.S. Dollars were being printed to uphold the economy.

Nick Barisheff, BMG Group Inc. Founder, Chair and CEO, passed away on Friday September 15. He was the author of $10,000 Gold: Why Gold’s Inevitable Rise Is the Investor’s Safe Haven as well as a weekly eNewsletter called The BullionBuzz. His book, offers a candid insight into the current state of the economy, the underlying causes of gold’s rising value and why the price of gold will continue climbing to $10,000/ounce and beyond in the years to come. The book contends that intelligent investors have no choice but to invest in this precious metal to stay safe no matter what lies ahead. Source